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    For this year's best representative to get a sense of Black History:
    The Color of Courage

    Yeah.. it's on Lifetime Movie Network and there's no 'action-conflict' but it's historical as it's based on a real case; a first of many to come.

    I have personal anecdotal memories of this sort of attitudes carrying over into the sixties but I wont bother you with them.

    One of the best lines:
    Mrs Mcghee: "You wouldnt know because you've never seen that look."
    Mrs Sipes {played by Linda Hamilton}: "I've seen that look. The other night.. from you."

    I've seen that look, myself...the last time, just a couple months ago today.
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    Too bad it was just on and according to the LMN site, not scheduled to be reshown. They offer it on download/streaming though.
    Also should be at large video rentals.

    Not enough drama-drama for the wimmin, not enough 'action' either.
    But IMO a good rep of the times.
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