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  1. omsdogg

    omsdogg New Member

    Aug 1, 2006
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Name: Omai
    Age: 31
    Hometown: Sandy, UT
    Current town: Riverton, UT
    College: University of Utah
    Occupation: The CAD Store - Regional Director
    Favorite movie: too many to list, but anything with Jack Black for starters
    What's currently on your iPod: a mix of everything. lot's of hair bands!
    Fav Cottager: Now that Big Mac is gone I'd have to say Wink
    Least favorite actor: Brendan Frasier however it's spelled
    Other sports teams: RSL, Utah Jazz, BYU, anyone playing the UofU
    If you could be transported to any decade in the 20th Century, including location, where would it be: The Frontier during mid 19th century
    First concert: Peter Breinholt
    Favorite drink (can be non-alcoholic): Diet Mt. Dew (I don't drink alcoholic beverages)
    Ideal pet: none
    Favorite city: San Diego
    Least favorite author: I don't know, if I don't like the book, I quit reading it.
    Least favorite teams: UofU
    Instrument you want to learn: Guitar
    Crabs or Lobster: Hate sea food, but some crab is good, so crab
  2. Team_of_McBrides

    Team_of_McBrides New Member

    May 28, 2007
    Name -- Kevin
    Hometown -- Fort Wayne, IN
    Resides -- Muncie, IN
    School -- Ball State '08
    Occupation -- Impoverished graduate student.
    Currently on Ipod -- Radiohead, Pepper, Sublime, 311, Red, Ra...
    Fav Cottager -- McBride
    Fav jersey -- For some reason I am pretty fond of the Airness shirts.
    Top movies -- Where to begin... Magnolia, There Will Be Blood, Thank You For Smoking, Gangs of New York, Fight Club, No Country for Old Men, Apocalypse Now, The Dark Knight, Good Will Hunting, The Big Lebowski. The list could go on and on and on.
    Least Favorite actor -- Without question Paul Walker and Orlando Bloom.
    Other sports teams -- USMNT and BSU sports...
    Best pet -- Bulldog
    Favorite drink -- Stella, Newcastle, Coffee and Tang
    Favorite actor -- The greatest actor of all time... Daniel Day Lewis
    Least favorite teams -- Chelsea, Chicago Cubs, Indianapolis Colts, Bolton, Colorado Avalance, Guatemala National Team...
    All time favorite athletes --
    Favorite City: London and Edinburgh
    Favorite Books: Bible, Watchmen, Harry Potter (1-7), The Road, I am America (And So Can You), The Westies, Purpose Driven Life
  3. mcwarrior31

    mcwarrior31 New Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    Milwaukee, WI
    Name -- Mike
    Hometown -- Peoria, IL
    Resides -- Milwaukee, WI
    School -- Marquette University
    Occupation -- Building Supervisor @ Union @ Marquette
    Favorite Cottager -- McBride
    Favorite jersey -- Last Year's Away Shirt
    Top movies -- Sport Flicks and WW2 movies
    Other sports teams -- USMNT, Marquette U. sports teams, Brewers, Michigan Football, Minnesota Wild
    Best pet -- Boxer
    Favorite drink -- Lakefront Brewery's ESB and any locally brewed beers
    Least favorite teams -- Chelsea, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Avalance
    Favorite Cities: Milwaukee, Charlotte, NC, Cooperstown
  4. Reid

    Reid New Member

    Aug 18, 2008
    Name: Reid
    Born: Colorado
    Resides: Denver
    University: CU-Boulder
    (I see a pattern developing)
    Occupation: Technical Advisor/Signals Analyst
    Other Favorite Teams: Grasshoppers Zurich, Sporting Cristal, Borussia Dortmund
    Teams I Love to Hate: Chelsea (obviously), Chicago Cubs, Nebraska Cornhuskers
    Ipod: Ben Harper (and 8,000 others)
    20th Century: the '80s were pretty fun -- at least I was skinny then
    Favorite Movies: Godfather I&II, Casablanca, Waking Ned Devine, etc. etc.
    Favorite Authors: John Barth, Richard Brautigan, Carlos Fuentes, Ken Kesey, etc. etc.
    Favorite Drink: Beer (all beer) and Whiskey (preferably Irish)
    Ideal Pet: A good natured, non-shedding dog who poops solid gold bars
    First Concert: B-52's in 1983
    Favorite City: 1. Vegas (for fun) 2. Anywhere I've never been
    Favorite Cottager: George Best when I was seven
    Favorite Kit: 87-88 with the badge in the middle of the chest
    Been to Cottage: Never for a game (yet!)
  5. HatterDon

    HatterDon Moderator

    Mar 18, 2006
    Peoples Republic of South Texas
    Welcome Reid! What a great use for this thread. You've provided more information than usually goes into our Announce Yourself thread.

    Expect a visit from a very nice -- but grumpy -- gentleman from Columbus, OH, who will ask you to do a couple of locational things.

    Hope you enjoy the site!
  6. LaxAttack

    LaxAttack Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    Name: Matt
    Hometown: Plano, TX
    Current town: Los Angeles, CA
    College: University of Iowa
    Occupation: Computer programmer for a company that deals with sports statistics
    Favorite movie: PCU, Out Cold, Mallrats, Slap Shot
    What's currently on your iPod: Gym Class Heroes, Forever The Sickest Kids, Cartel, Jack's Mannequin, Thrice
    Favorite concert: Beastie Boys @ Henry Fonda Theatre in 2006
    Favorite drink (can be non-alcoholic): Dr. Pepper & Shiner Bock
    Where I want to retire: Iowa City, IA or San Diego, CA (totally different places)
    Instrument you want to learn: Piano
    Where I met my wife: 100% single
    Other Sports teams: Iowa Basketball/Football, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Cubs
    Favorite Cottager - McBride
    Favorite Cities - Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Iowa City
  7. DCDave

    DCDave Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    STATS, Inc?
  8. LaxAttack

    LaxAttack Well-Known Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    Winner winner, chicken dinner.

  9. Fern72

    Fern72 Member

    Oct 3, 2007
    Downey, California
    Name: Fernando Alarcon
    Hometown:Downey, CA
    College: East Los Angeles College/Penn State
    Occupation: Program Coordinator
    Favorite movie: Ghandi/GOAL 1-2
    What's Currently in your iPod: This will give away my age; Ocean Blue, Michael Penn, Morrissey.
    Least Favorite actor: toss up; Ben Affleck or Kevin Costner
    First Concert: Bang Bang...Don't ask
    Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper
    Ideal pet: My dog Zoe and Beck's
    Least favorite author: Daniel Steels
    Other sports: College football, Rugby, Lax
    Instrument you want to learn to play: Bass
    Other teams: Galaxy, Atheletico Madrid, Stuggart, River Plate
  10. GaryBarnettFanClub

    GaryBarnettFanClub New Member

    Sep 29, 2006
    Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey
    Name: Stu
    Hometown: London, England
    Current town: London, England
    Favorite movie: Highlander / Empire Strikes Back
    What's currently on your iPod: Queen, Fish, Iron Maiden, Al Jolson, Bon Jovi, Razorligh.
    Least favorite actor: Brad Pitt
    If you could be transported to any decade in the 20th Century, including location, where would it be: History is an emotional trick of the past - I wouldn't ruin it by experiencing it.
    First concert: Fish - Hamersmith Odeon 1989.
    Favorite drink (can be non-alcoholic): Tea, beaujolais.
    Ideal pet: None
    Favorite city: London / Edinburgh / Paris
    Least favorite author: None, but Stephen King gives me nightmares.
    Instrument you want to learn: Trumpet
    Crabs or Lobster: Not crabs - they itch.
    Fav Player: Gary Barnett / Gordon Davies
    First Vist To CC: 1977 (Aged 3)
  11. tampafulham

    tampafulham New Member

    Sep 16, 2008
    Name: Raul
    Born: Habana, Cuba
    Current town: Tampa, Fl.
    College: None
    Occupation: PC Analyst for power company
    Favorite movie: Casablanca
    Fav Cottager: McGod
    Been to the Cottage?: No, I will in 2009
    Other sports teams: ex-Tampa Bay Rowdies and Mutiny
    Favorite drink: Red wine, Matini
    Ideal pet: Dog, Pug
    Least favorite author: Don't read, no time.
    Least favorite teams: Man. U.
    Instrument you want to learn: Guitar
    Crabs or Lobster: Lobster
    Favorite Cities - N.Y., S.F.
  12. Martin-in-Nashville

    Martin-in-Nashville New Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    Smyrna TN
    Name: Martin
    Born: Fulham, London
    Current town: Nashville, TN
    College: What's College?
    Occupation: Service Technician Corporate aircraft
    Favorite movie: Serpico
    Fav Cottager: Paul Went, Vic Hallom
    Been to the Cottage?: Season ticket holder in the the seventies
    Other sports teams: TN Titans for my sins
    Favorite drink: Beer and Scotch (Not together tho) and a Nice cup of Rosie Lee.
    Ideal pet: My beautiful Greyhound
    Least favorite author: No time for books
    Least favorite teams: Gillingham & Derby Co
    Instrument you want to learn: Would love to play the piano
    Crabs or Lobster: Lobster
    Favorite Cities - London of Course who doesn't?
  13. ohio4fulham

    ohio4fulham New Member

    May 5, 2008
    Mason, Ohio
    Name: Charlie
    Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Current town: Cincinnati, Ohio
    College: Southern Ohio College
    Occupation: Reporter -- Plan Builder - United Healthcare
    Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
    What's currently on your iPod: The New Pornographers
    Least favorite actor: Samuel L. Jackson
    If you could be transported to any decade in the 20th Century, including location, where would it be: The 60's in Georgia
    First concert: Live, Chicago
    Favorite drink (can be non-alcoholic): Pepsi
    Ideal pet: Labradore
    Favorite city: Chicago (Tampa comes in second)
    Least favorite author: Al Franken (lol ... not really an author, per se, I just hate the guy)
    Instrument you want to learn: Piano
    Crabs or Lobster: Neither
    Gold Star or Skyline: Gold Star
  14. HatterDon

    HatterDon Moderator

    Mar 18, 2006
    Peoples Republic of South Texas
    Martin! Also a fan of beer, Scotch, a cuppa ... and ... most especially: Greyhounds. I also shouted myself hoarse for Vic Halom when he played at Luton in the mid-1970s. He was right up there with Mark Hughes in terms of tough to knock off the ball. I didn't see a CB who could overpower him either.

    Good stuff!
  15. stlouisbrad

    stlouisbrad Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Name: Brad
    Born: Overland, MO
    Current town: St. Louis, MO
    College: Washington University in St. Louis
    Occupation: National Archives and Records Administration (Selective Service)
    Favorite movie: BasketBall
    Fav Cottager: McBride or Steed Malbranque.
    Been to the Cottage?: not yet, still working on it.
    Other sports teams: St. Louis Blues
    Favorite drink: Fullers Outstandingpale ale
    Ideal pet: My dog May
    Least favorite author: Shakespere
    Least favorite teams: Any Philadelphia based team
    Instrument you want to learn: Piano
    Crabs or Lobster: Lobster
    Favorite Cities - San Francisco
  16. krhimself

    krhimself New Member

    Aug 11, 2005
    Orlando, via Japan
    Name: Kenny
    Born: Nagoya, Japan
    Current town: Orlando, Florida
    College: UCF
    Occupation: senior at UCF
    Favorite movie: Collateral
    Fav Cottager: McBadass, with Inamoto running second
    Been to the Cottage?: Season ticket holder in the the seventies
    Other sports teams: Seattle Mariners, Orlando Magic, FSU, Rollins College
    Favorite drink: plum wine
    Ideal pet: not a pet person, admittedly
    Least favorite author: That's a tough one, having read through some dodgy textbooks during the last three-plus years...
    Least favorite teams: Chelsea and Rangers, special mention to U of Florida
    Instrument you want to learn: drums
    Crabs or Lobster: I'm a sucker for both, but I prefer Lobsters a wee bit more
    Favorite Cities - Seattle, Kitakyushu (my hometown)
  17. IanHux

    IanHux New Member

    Jan 27, 2008
    Seattle, WA
    Whoa! I didn't think I'd ever witness anyone outside the pacific northwest express their fandom for the M's. This is exciting! Although the M's do have a large Japanese fan base (which as it turns out you are, in fact, from Japan). So when did you start following the team?
  18. FulhamAg

    FulhamAg New Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    San Antonio, Texas
    Name: Matt
    Born: Orlando, FL
    Current town: San Antonio de Tejas
    College: Texas A&M
    Occupation: Strategic Marketing Rep
    Favorite movie: Fight Club
    Fav Cottager: My fellow East Texan, Dempsey
    Been to the Cottage?: Not yet
    Other sports teams: Texas A&M, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros, USMNT
    First concert: Iron Maiden, Somewhere in Time at the Summit in Houston
    Favorite drink: Shiner Bock, Red Hook ESB and Dos Equis Amber
    Ideal pet: My pointer-mix that I have now, great temperment
    Least favorite author: That's easy, book factories that pose as single authors like James Patterson. On a more positive note, favorites would be Vince Flynn, Lee Child, & Stephen Hunter for fiction, to name a few
    Least favorite teams: NY Yankees, texas university
    Instrument you want to learn: Guitar
    Crabs or Lobster: Lobster is good, but having lived in MD for a spell, I've gotta go with blue crab
    Favorite Cities - None. I'm more of a rural guy myself. Just give me a cabin on a lake and I'm good.
  19. WhitesBhoy

    WhitesBhoy Active Member

    Jul 9, 2008
    The Beach, For Now
    Name: Christian
    Hometown: Savannah/Atlanta, GA
    Current town: Point Washington, FL
    High School: Darlington (Rome, GA)
    College: San Francisco State (CA)
    Law School: St. Thomas University (Miami, FL)
    Occupation: Stay-at-home Dad, who manages to still work in-house and with attorneys, and start and run a youth soccer program of 250+ kids.
    Favorite movie: Star Wars - all of it (the Led Zeppelin of movies)
    What's currently on your iPod: What's an iPod?
    Least favorite actor: Keanu Reeves
    If you could be transported to any decade in the 20th Century, including location, where would it be: Atlanta, late 1980s - my youth!!
    First concert: Barry Manillow, 1985 (not by choice)
    Favorite drink (can be non-alcoholic): Jack and Coke
    Ideal pet: Something relatively self-sufficient. I already have small kids.
    Favorite city: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida sure is nice, but probably does not qualify as a city....
    Least favorite author: Rush Limbaugh, if he can be called that without permanently defiling the word author. What an ass.
    Instrument you want to learn: Piano
    Crabs or Lobster: Depends on if you are in the north or south.
    Other sports team: Every Atlanta team. UGA Football. Georgia Tech Basketball. Celtic. Energie Cottbus. Viktoria Plzen. Galway United.
    Favorite Cottager: McLegend
    Favorite Fulham jersey: White w/black kit from 03/04 (
    If money were no object I'd live in: About 15 different places all over the world. London, near The Cottage would be one of those places.
  20. SoCalJoe

    SoCalJoe Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2006
    Walnut, CA
    Hold the presses...Christian, UGA football and GTech basketball? :shock: I hate to say that's borderline illegal. I know people out here who are USC football fans and UCLA basketball fans and when the subject is brought up they are ridiculed unmercifully (mostly by fans of either school).
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