Bayern-Hoffenheim Madness

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    Nov 20, 2006
    Not sure if anyone has been following this, but there were a some truly surreal scenes at the Bayern-Hoffenheim game earlier today. The match was stopped, twice, and the final 15ish minutes were "played" in protest of the fans behavior.

    There's a lot of backstory here, but the Bundesliga has a unique ownership structure and clubs like Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig are often persona non grata due to their, er, different structure.

    The behavior and language/messages used by the Bayern fans, and Monchengladbach fans last week is nothing short of revolting. I'm also rather torn on the essence of this whole argument, and not particularly empathetic of their argument, mostly because those complaining about Hoffenheim (and Leipzig) are the privileged ones.

    Old money always complains about New money.
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    There was a stoppage in today's Dortmund match because of "hateful chants" which I couldn't understand. Neo-naziism is so pervasive, it's even risen in Germany -- its birthplace.
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