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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by SoCalJoe, Jan 22, 2021.

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    Have to start the new thread w/a farewell to the true Home Run King, Hammering Hank Aaron. To do what he did in that era with grace and dignity speaks volumes to who he was. I remember seeing him on TV at the end w/the Brewers, so never got to witness him in his prime. Love this clip with the Goat behind the mic, Vin Scully with the call (and yes that’s Bill Buckner in left, before all the knee surgeries relegated him to first base).

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    Enjoying the return of baseball on TV ... with this reservation: FS1, MLB.COM and ESPN prefer to have house announcers calling the game AND THEY NEVER SHUT UP. I really don't like the Rangers, but I enjoy their games primarily because we get their everyday TV callers.

    Last season, I described what we were getting from the 3-man teams calling games as sitting in the bleachers trying to enjoy the game while three guys sitting right behind you who never stop talking. I believe that the corporate asshats have decided that baseball is boring and they have to keep talking or else their audience will tune off in favor of the NBA. Sigh.

    However, the Astros are doing well, so ... .
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    Mar 4, 2014
    Don's accurate description of modern 3-man teams reminded me of the polar-opposite, Harry Kalas (long-time play-by-play announcer for the Phillies who passed away in 2009). In an interview I did with him back in the late 90's, I asked how he developed his style and he said one important period was when he did play-by-play of baseball games when he was based in Hawaii. At the time the games he was calling were played on the mainland and he was sitting at a radio station in Hawaii simply looking at a ticker-tape of stats. He couldn't see the game at all, just a by-the-numbers description! He had to imagine what the runner on first was likely doing rather than actually SEEING what he was doing. While that felt a little fraudulent to me, he said being forced to visualize what was happening and then describe it helped him when he actually got a chance to see the games he was calling.
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