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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    Texas Small Plane Crash Might Be Intentional Act, Officials Say
    Actually it almost certainly was.
    Tax problems after business failure after...

    Fed up, writes manifesto, kills innocents..
    The Business Innsider point to pilot's blog:
    The Insane Manifesto Of Austin Texas Crash Pilot Joseph Andrew Stack

    - via
    That's just the first and last of the long posting
    No apparent deaths, other than pilot. Some missing
    - - - - -- - -- - - - - -
    Kos immediately gets to the bottom of it:

    Without actually bothering to read the Suicide note, of course.
  2. HatterDon

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    Mar 18, 2006
    Peoples Republic of South Texas
    my favorite part of all of this is how everyone -- law enforcement, press, television, EVERYONE -- is saying "There's no terror connection." I beg to differ. This is a cowardly terrorist act.
  3. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    MY favorite part of all this is even many of the kos kidz, in the comments for the above link, are reticent to claim 'teabaggery'.

    So.. let's look at some other famous white 'teabaggers' and rate them on 'terrorist quotient':

    The Letter Bomber : definitely

    Tim McVeigh {OK City}: yep.. but a little less cut'n'dried

    The Anthrax mailer: Unknown for sure. Thought to be a crank.

    Bernie Goetz {subway shooter}: Nope

    Various Postal Shooters: Unless you accept that Tea party is racist, and racism as a motive for some of them counts.. not terrorists

    Summary: The guy had a personal animosity against the government, accounting firms, corporations, unions and specifically the IRS...

    He blamed them for his personal predicament and accumulated failures.

    So unless you are ready to say some guy who shoots his wife after she left him, took his money, cheated on him and wouldnt let him see his kids is an anti-feminist sexist, then no, with an asterisk.

    He didnt do this as part of any overreaching ideology, even though he couched it as a protest against injustice.
  4. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    My next favorite thing is how some were so willing to link to tea party protests, except they actually read it... Here's an excreble race-biz progressive at WaPo
    - Wanna compare that italicized in context to what I posted above? See anything missing?
    - the commenters let this dipshit know it, too.

    Yes... 'excerpts' this highly paid WaPo fuckwad was able to snag. And only put in the juicy stuff that might be tea partyish.

    Nothing about vile corporations, evil Bush, ghoulish health care systems... guess those werent interesting enough

    Now... you tell me who is fueling this inevitable partisan hate mongering!

    I'll join in on that....
    This Lying piece of shit deliberately altered the context to fit his racist bigot message. Period.
    It's not 'nuance' it's not point of view, it's a fucking socialist-themed lie.

    Did I make myself clear?
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