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    Feb 11, 2007
    Just in case you miss this on TiFF!!!

    GUTLESS & APATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!! -- BB, Sunday, January 20, 07:06:39am (
    It all starts with the manager..... First the line up,

    .......... 4-5-1 vs Arsenal, was his call and his biggest mistake to date. Everybody knows (not Woy apparently!), all you have to do, is give the type of player that Arsene Wenger has at his disposal, is time and space... our formation gave them time and space.... by the bucketload!!

    FFC spent the afternoon chasing shadows!! Why did he not start 4-4-2 and give it a go.... We do have 'reserve' team players who are a part of FFC and could have made a difference today. I'm not saying we could have won or even got a draw... but we could have shown some spine, spirit, effort & enthusiasm.... not what we saw from some players, who frankly don't care one jot or give a shit for FFC or for the fans and supporters, a bit like the M. D. & the board of directors... more of which later.

    Next, and onto the Fulham 'team' that played.... what a pile of shit they served up. Can't pass (to each other!) with any degree of accuracy, can't tackle/won't tackle, can't win a ball in the air and can't get close to winning second ball!! Some individuals do deserve praise... Voltzy, Murphy & Dempsey all worked their socks off gave all they had and had next to no support from Davis, Seol and Niemi (WTF!!)..... all in all, probably their worst ever performances in a Fulham shirt.

    Davis is a powder puff, without the passion, Seol has not got a clue, he seems to spend his time on the pitch chasing a headless dog (I wonder who ate that?) and Niemi has grown roots on his own goal line, both of Adeybayor's goals came from crosses just on the edge of Niemi's 6 yard box....he must have bought a ticket for the game, as he then stood (as if he was a spectator), only moving, to get the ball out of the back of the net and don't get me started on his kicking when closed down by any opposition player... he finds 'touch' better than any Rugby Union player, anywhere in the world... as for the rest .... (Bullard excepted! Who will need a lot of fitness work to get back into his routine but worked hard to get the team going when he came on!) Mediocre at best, no passion and no pride!! Professional athletes?? Your having a laugh.... I have seen more effort and graft on a council park on a Sunday morning from a Pub Team...

    Now the board... MAF ... Please, "SACK McNALLY NOW!!!" This toilet has buggered up, my beloved FFC, more than I thought possible, he has to go before he does any more damage..... he is only concerned with money, his own position and lets not go into his own bloated self importance!! Business acumen... crap!! He's a beanie and only concerned with a balance sheet!! ....... McNally OUT!!!!!

    I, like us all, await Roy the Boy's, 'magic touch' to come to our aid and rescue FFC, from our plight in the relegation zone... but unless new blood is brought in that has the attributes so sadly missing throughout the current squad and a new training regime is instigated (twice a day, ah la Tigana!!) my worst fears could be realised. A drop into the abyss of the Fizzy Pop league awaits.....

    My message to Roy, put the kids out against Brizzle, they can't do any worse than your 1st team yesterday... take your 1st team squad away and push them hard in training... don't ever play 4-5-1 again and FFS... send Kuqi back to Palarse keeping him at FFC is just downright cruel....
    We choose to be different!
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    Sep 13, 2007
    Nice rant.

    I think Roy played 4 -5 -1 to limit Arse's chances which they did.
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    "Could have been worse", is a sobering truth.
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    Without forwards, what do you do!

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