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    ...just a true little story, on Saturday for the game against Arsenal (1-0 by the way) Mike was to be with me collecting donations from the fans in buckets (pails) for the Johnny Haynes Statue fund. Before we were let into the ground I wanted to get the latest copy of 'TOOFIF' (There's Only One 'F' In Fulham) as there was an article about the statue that I had written in it.

    Whilst there, talking to the editor of TOOFIF (David Lloyd) and several Fulham fans was a former Fulham legend Gordon (IVOR) Davies. So I went back to Mike and on finding he had yet to meet Ivor, we went over to meet him, I introduced him to Ivor as 'American Mike' who is the co-founder of FUSA in front of all the fans, and almost as one the fans all were saying "your American Mike?" and "I've heard of you" etc., He is more famous than even he knows - a lovely moment...
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    That's our Godfather!

    Thanks for sharing this.
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