Alinsky Rule # 5 - What makes heads explode is FUNNY while TRUE!

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    God Bless These Heroes of the Ebola Crisis
    The entire world, but more importantly America, is in the midst of an Ebola outbreak that could threaten the existence of life on Earth as we know it.

    Rofl! Heads exploding.

    MSNBC: Texas woman threatened with jail after applying for voter ID

    - Her problem with docs for registering Id was New York, right?
    - Dual Residency: I also live in California so "why cant I use my California DL to register in TX?"
    "Intimidated!" The clerk left for a few minutes, then told her to take a seat. At that point, Messinger said, a state trooper summoned her into his back office, saying he needed to speak to her. Once inside his office, Messinger said the trooper insisted on seeing all the documentation she had brought, and demanded to know where she lives and pays taxes. He even told her she could be jailed for driving with a California license.*
    Happened in Austin, of all places! All she had to do was say she wanted to register to vote Democrat and make TX more like home, and problem solved
    . . .
    As for Messinger, she said though she might not vote this year, she’s not taking it sitting down. “I will do everything it takes to do something about what’s going on here, because this is crazy,” she said. “I’m 62 years old. I’ve been voting for a long time, and this is just bullshit.”
    Yeah... it's bullshit, all right. I'm laughing at her and at ' Zachary Roth' the erstwhile reporter. Especially after he had to put in the 'correction' which pretty much negates the whole point.
    All she probably had to do was produce any docs from a Texas taxing authority, OR a utility addressed to a local residence. AND a Drivers License. Guess what .. California, like any other state I can think of, ALSO insists you get an in-state license... but only allows 10 days after change of residency. DRACONIAN!!!!

    Now, for a Brain Teaser: despite my leanings I sorta giggled {like the broad at CNN, who had to apologize} at the news of the 'drunken family brawl' BECAUSE my immediate thought was - suppose the Palins were Democrats; 'Bristol the VICTIM!!!'
    The Palin Family Brawl Was Funny, Until It Wasn't

    - Now, most of us have seen things like this happen. No one was seriously injured. Any assault is unproven. But just imagine if Sarah was a Democrat.
    Likewise suppose the Bidens were GOP. Biden son somehow wangles a Reserve Commission while over 40 yo. Then had to 'resign' because of positive tests for cocaine.
    - My derision is not pointed at the Bidens.. it's at the good old butt kissing MSM
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    Peoples Republic of South Texas
    well, that streak is over … thank goodness
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