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    In the olden days when the old first division was only one league of 22 teams instead of one league of six teams and one of twelve, the route to getting the wheat separated from the chaff were the two gigantic Christian holidays plus New Years. Full slates on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and January 2 created gaps between those clubs whose squads were a bit deeper and those who contained a half-dozen or so cloggers. A full slate of matches scheduled for both Holy Saturday and Easter Monday narrowed the race to the finish line even further.

    There's a bit of that going on now in the Championship, but television has mandated that the games be staggered. We REALLY benefit from this, this season, since we're playing Friday and Tuesday. This gives us a bit longer break than many of our competitors. It doesn't hurt that these two matches are also against teams who are a bit off the boil. Six points would be a reasonable goal, and it should be something we supporters expect. One thing we are NOT doing right now is punching above our weight class. We are the class of our division and hotter than a half-dozen Hades poochie doggies.

    The shirt is well rested -- and Fabreze'd. COY [big club] W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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