Activist Organizations and Reality

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    Anytime a Conservative or Libertarian reads about an activist group wailing and protesting about Walmart or 'Multinational Conglomerates' or the exploitation of the worker, he flashes onto stories like this:

    Jane Galt: how PIRG transitioned me from ultraliberal to libertarian

    and the series that brought it up:
    Toward the Reform of the Fund/PIRG

    It's a lot of reading but anyone working toward the world utopia should consider these stories with the eye of the cynic.
    If you engaged a conservative with a discussion on base ideals on human interaction in the workplace, you'd probably find many similarities to core socialist precepts.

    This series on MyDD points that out in a left-handed manner.
    1. The boots on the ground worker in many worker advocate orgs is exploited no less, and sometimes even more, than the company wageearner... this has hit the headlines many times in regards to labor unions, whether those unions represent corporate or government workers.
    - Of course, management tries to tell him he's taking it up the bum, 'for the cause'.

    2. While the sloganeering is on 'grassroots' movement and the masses acting in-concert, the reality is that the 'organization elite' decides the why, where, when and how.
    Can anyone tell me how that translates any different than a non-union publically held company?
    - The difference THERE being that the capitalist 'public owner' decides in the long run, whether the organization produces the desired outcome... while the advocate organization has NO checks and balances, and only needs effective marketing on a global and one-one basis to get labor resource.

    The articles point out there is minimal investment in training the 'grunt'. He only needs act out the very basic script and, if he becomes disillusioned and leaves, he's easily replaced.

    The idea that this would somehow 'change' if it were applied to the entire society is what boggles the mind of the non-leftist. Once the entire government / industry / academic/ societal models adapt this, what prevents it from become the enslaver?

    Only 'underground' movements... and those have a way of being dealt with, since they are clandestine and 'anti-society'

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