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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Jan 4, 2005
    I've commented elsewhere that the dismal performance of the Columbus BlueJackets MUST be my fault for laying eyes on the telecast.
    Last night was no exception; I turned it on with Columbus ahead of the Blues with 8 remaining in the third and in 45 seconds St Louis tied the game.. I turned it off because the outcome was inevitable and sure enough the Blues took it in a shootout.

    Now, just after I heard Sean Salisbury say on ESPN2 Mike and Mike that coaching is overrated in a team's success, I feel I have to comment on the ONLY major franchise that's in easy driving distance for me.

    The BlueJackets have tried everything else, including one of the best rookie players by concensus, and they still suck.

    The fan base was loyal and attendance was great for the first few seasons, because they were an expansion team, after all, but when the OTHER teams that came in at the same time seem to own you on the ice, there's something wrong.
    And Ohio fans dont put up with inexplicable losing for long. So this year, after the first few games, the attitude has been 'Who Cares!'

    Finally GM Doug MacLean has done something about the problem in hiring Tim Hitchcock, a coach with a Stanley Cup winning record. Why did he wait until HIS job was on the line..I have no idea.

    Hitchcock’s job is to revive team and, in turn, fan base

    Sean Salisbury.. you might have been a pro player but you dont know your ass from a hole in a ground about the effect of coaching in Pro Sports and, next season at the latest, Hitchcock and the CBJ will prove that point.
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