A Tribute and a word of patience.

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    A Tribute and a word of patience.

    Last season our only recognized right back was considered to be Stephen Kelly, with Aaron Hughes as first team cover. Once again Fulham supporters raised an eyebrow and uttered the phrase of “Who?” when Sascha Reither was signed on loan from FC Cologne, a club just relegated to the Bundesliga B. As stated above most people had never heard of him unless they followed the German leagues, even then it took a quick Google search to find out that he was a member of the League winning Wolfsburg side (along with Ashkan Dejagah.)

    He filled Fulham’s three criteria for a new signing. One he was an experienced player in his position, something needed in a mid –table side, in order to avoid any disruption. Two he was cheap, even more so that it was a loan. Third, he played against us in the famous Europa run, well that last one was made up, but it does seem like a large portion of the current squad has lined up against Fulham in Europe.

    The season began and it was clear from the start the Reither was exactly what we needed at right back. A set of legs and an engine that would put the Energizer bunny to shame. (Apologies if this analogy doesn’t translate directly) The little German can cross, defend and occasionally pop up with a goal. A charming personality and hard work rate quickly endeared him to the Fulham faithful and we couldn’t imagine the right side of defense without him. He was many supporters choice for player of the season.

    This brings up the next point, as proven with Reither, McBride, Saha and others. It is about the right player for Fulham, regardless of name or transfer fee. While we all wish for that big multimillion signing that would completely revolutionize our squad, it just isn’t the Fulham way. A new owner in Shad Khan will not change this, atleast for the moment as there is every indication that the club will be run in the exact same way that it has been during the MAF tenure. If there is a midfielder available that fits our needs and he is at a reasonable price, then we will go out for him. Remember the team just returned from Costa Rica and Fulham holds its cards close to its chest.

    When that signing comes in the coming days and you go “who?” or are a little disappointed at the “lack of ambition” in the signing, just remember he could very well be the name on the back of your shirt the next season.
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    Great post!
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    Agreed - thanks again for posting here, Andersons.
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    Spot on
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    I think a lot of us, myself included, get wide-eyed during the transfer window. As you point out, it's important to remain grounded.

    That said, perhaps it's my natural sports pessimism, but I think our squad does need some work. We haven't improved much from last year, and we had some dicey moments there. If we were, as Don suggested months and months ago, positioning ourselves for a sale (few long-term contracts to players in their prime, lots of players in on loan, etc), there is now definitely an opportunity to invest in the first team. I think we're still a player or two away from a comfortable mid-table club. They don't have to be big names, but I would like to see a couple more transfers in before we settle in for the new season.
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