A snapshot on 'The Surge'

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    A good typical read

    I also regularly read Michael Totten and Michael Yon. Who, both, point out repeatedly that the Iraqi's trust us if we give them respect, and they fight like hell if they know we're there to back them up.

    Petraeus didnt really invent the method, he just looked at what worked successfully in the early days of the occupation and wrote a handbook for this.

    What he DID was change the way the Corps Commanders thought {or what they thought they had to do} and let the junior ranks do what they think is right in the situation.

    The US military will never be the same again... a good thing. We have the best military in the world!

    Side Note: It's nowhere in there but the Iraqi soldiers are amazed at the responsibilities given US Non-Coms and enlisted. Something they never had.
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    Another good read on the ACTUAL situation:

    When we are winning, when the Iraqi's have proven they believe in a secular government for Iraq, do we WANT to pull out?
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