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    Nice find Jump.

    This article really addresses the new-found ability of MLS teams to acquire and retain top American talent. It's a real catch-22. On the one hand, keeping these players strengthens the league, and domestic American soccer as a whole. However, for the individual player, coming back to MLS (or staying in MLS) probably limits their development and hurts the USMNT. So what's good for the league isn't necessarily good for the player.

    In the short-term, I think USMNT players staying in MLS does hurt the national team. On the other hand, keeping these players boosts the standard of the league (not to mention its popularity). So in the long-run I'm hopeful that keeping USMNT players in MLS will improve the standard of American players coming through the ranks. But only time will tell.
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    I understood when Bradley and Deuce came back, no one in their right mind would turn down significant pay raises (plus those two have young families) at the opportunity to be closer to other relatives and a familiar lifestyle. However, I was shocked when Besler didn't strike when the iron was hot and leave (his salary KC is solid, but he could've done better overseas). Great for MLS, but bad for the Nats in the short term as CC says. US fans tend to have an inferiority complex about this sport, we are dying to have players succeed in the best leagues.
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