2020 [in 2021] Olympics

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    I'm not watching them, but I have kept track of our woman's team -- and they're not going well. I do watch the women whenever I can, and it's my opinion that we're not faring well in Japan because of two factors: (1) The rest of the world has benefited from our example and sought out fine athletes to compete on the world stage AND (2) our women suffer from advanced age and too many pattycake friendlies.

    Too harsh?
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    I think it’s absolutely fair to say the level of play around the world has improved as to the age of the roster it’s hard to say but it would not be the first time a team just wasn’t as hungry as it once was.
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    Barry beat me to it. The world has gotten better, but let’s not forget that even though the women won the WC it was through really difficult matches in the knockout stage (Spain, France, England were hard fought) before the Final.

    It doesn’t matter the sport, when teams win a championship, the hunger or the edge (whatever term you like) dissipates and it makes it really hard to repeat. The champ gets everyone’s best shot as well. Let’s see what happens now that it’s win or go home.

    EDIT: Gut check performance by the ladies! PKs is a roll of the dice, but they were perfect. Alyssa Naeher’s save on the first PK by the Dutch player that had scored both goals was tremendous.

    Craziest stat: The US has had 9 (not a typo) goals disallowed for offsides in 4 matches (2 in ET vs Netherlands).
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