2010: The Year of the Video Game

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    Anybody interested in gaming knows that next year is shaping up to be an amazing year for games. Not only do we get the return of the Max Payne series, but we get a Halo game that looks like it could really blow any Halo away. We also get the return of Sam Fisher and splinter cell which looks even better than anything before it. So here's some of the games I'm looking forward to.

    There will be a spoiler in some of these previews, but really nothing groundbreaking.

    Mass Effect 2- the first game was my favorite game ever. The story was a rollercoaster that felt like an academy award winning movie. I was hooked and literally played nonstop for 10 hours yesterday just to complete the story. I couldn't get enough so just had to read previews of the new game. I'm looking forward to this game and would probably kill to play it now. Here's the spoiler so look away now. Shepard loses his fucking crew and that flat out sucks. He dies and comes back to life. So you have a whole new cast of characters to learn about. Now I'm not sure about what happens to your love interest, but I really hope Liara stays in the game. She does stay in, but I hope its not a secondary character. Same with Joker and the like. Looks amazing.

    Max Payne 3- I have literally waited years for this! I got the first Max Payne as a Christmas gift when I was still in school and loved the series ever since. Apparently Max is a cynical bastard in this game. The game looks amazing, the only problem is that he shaved his head!

    Halo:Reach- Looks better than any Halo before it. This is a prequel to the Halo series and you know the story is going to really kick ass. I think that this might be game of the year. If you haven't seen the trailers, please go to youtube and check them out.

    Fallout: New Vegas- the first game is amazing and this game is set in my city! The thinking is that you will fight mobsters and such in this game which could turn out to be a sort of action adventure Godfather. Could be a contender for game of the year.

    With these 4 games alone coming out, I'd be happy, but the list for epic games coming out next year is huge. So what are you looking forward to? Hopefully we get a great year in gaming.
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