2008-09 Fixture List

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  1. HatterDon

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    Yeah, and an "easy" start and an "easy" finish in the schedule means a back-breaker during the mid-season with multiple fixture dates and crap weather. Everybody is playing everybody else once home and once away, and the season is 9 months long. If we get a squad that Roy can work with and can get to play flowing football, I like our chances. As I said elsewhere, the main difference between a footballing side and a defensive side is that the former can nick the odd win or two against a better team while the latter can nick the odd draw or two.

    Winning three out of four or winning three away matches on the trot is welcome any month of the season.
  2. BarryP

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    Can we revise that to say, "Winning three out of four or winning three away matches on the trot is welcome every month of the season". :big grin:
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    No crap here. Just an observation. When you are an established club and you head into a situation as an opening day visitor against a first-time or first-in-a-long-time side, there are intangibles at work that are unique to that particular experience.

    Similar situations take place in college football. Last year, Texas went down to Central Florida to open UCF's new stadium. UCF had no business coming within 3 touchdowns of Texas. But the emotional high of playing the big boys carried UCF to within 3 points of winning.

    I hope we come out and take it to Hull. I don't think we can take a timid approach to this particular match. They aren't Arsenal or Liverpool. They are not even Blackburn or Newcastle. But they'll be riding a momentum for this match that will only be equalled when one of the Big Four play up there.

    We have to approach it the way Ferguson or Wenger would handle it: rip their guts out as soon as possible. No timidity. No messing around. You can't allow them to believe they stand a chance at getting 3 points.
  4. terrinh73

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    I will probably head over for the Fulham v. Chelscum match on December 28 or Fulham v. Liverpool on April 4. I promised myself that I would go to at least one game every season...those days work best with my school schedule.

    Time to start saving my milk money!
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