146th Kentucky Derby presented by Woodford Reserve

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    I might just have to drive over to Illinois and place a bet. I wonder if they've cleaned the OTB to combat Covid? It would be weird to not be grossed out by that place. I guess I'll just have to find out.
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    Louisville, KY
    What’s that Queen song? Another One Bites The Dust. King Guillermo is out of Derby 146.
    A personal note:
    I will be at Churchill Downs Friday and Saturday, working, of course. Retrieved my credential from the assistant news director Tuesday and my parking passes (yep, one for each day) about an hour ago. I covered my first Derby in 1982 and, by my count, have missed only one since...that I can remember. I may have missed others, but I can’t recall the years, so I only count the one I do remember. Fortunately, the one I DO remember missing was the 1989 Derby, won by Sunday Silence. But most people here remember it as one of the coldest Derby Days on record...and certainly the worst ever, weather wise. During the course of the day’s undercard, it sleeted. It SNOWED in the early afternoon, theoretically the warmest part of the day. It hailed briefly between two of the races.
    It stayed in the lower 40’s most of the day, but the wind chill and precipitation made it very miserable for most of the ill-prepared 122,653 attendees.
    I did an easy (relatively) story up the pike near Seymour, Indiana that morning on a lovely speed trap...”special traffic detail” in cop speak...for those same day Derby afficionados driving down from Indianapolis, Chicago and other points north within a reasonable drive. When reporter John Boel and I got back to Louisville, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing on the monitors tuned to our competitor that had the exclusive coverage and broadcasting rights.
    I realize that my opportunities to experience neat events like this are dwindling. I’m trying to focus more on the positive aspects (believe me, there ARE negatives) before I can’t do this job anymore.
    It’ll be different this time, of course, which makes our work even more important since so many more eyeballs will be watching us. I’m still going to try and slow down when I can and breathe and drink it in deeply, not take it for granted.
    We actually end our broadcast at the track at 2:30
    on Derby Day because that’s when our network, NBC, begins their coverage. I might stick around this year after we finish. Just because.
    Hope y’all can carve out two minutes from your schedules late Saturday afternoon and watch.

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    Bear Down Bob Baffert!! Everyone associated with the U of A has been mourning the loss of Lute Olson, forget that he built a program from scratch to a national powerhouse, but what he did for the city of Tucson and the University is immeasurable. So another Arizona legend w/the same silver/white hair winning was fitting.
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    @jumpkutz how did it go at the Derby? What was it like with practically no one there?

    Also, your note on enjoying the positive aspects of your job struck a chord with me. Back in the 90's I worked in TV and got to do a number of really neat things (like hang out and talk with Mario Andretti in his basement). When I tell my kids about those experiences now they wonder why I ever left and I said for me it was many hours of boredom on an unpredictable schedule punctuated with unique experiences. I decided I was more interested in having a normal schedule of moderately interesting work, but I'll always appreciate the stories that TV job gave me.
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    Sep 24, 2011
    Louisville, KY
    I don’t know if Bob Baffert cheats or not, but one thing is for sure: he’s got the Kentucky Derby figured out WHENEVER they run it. Most people forgot about Authentic, especially after Baffert’s other horse reared in the paddock and was scratched. Six time Derby winner. Wow.
    It went pretty well Micah.
    It was strange without the crowd. Made the job somewhat easier, but having dry weather is always key. I was supposed to be a “backup news photog all positions,” whatever that meant, but the track communications folks resurrected our live winner’s circle camera position at the 11th hour, so I ended up there for most of the weekend. The only negatives with that gig are being confined to a small area and being on your feet all day. It was hot, but bearable. And surreal. Oaks Day is always harder because it’s longer. We’re on the air until 6:30 p.m. We start at 10. Derby Day we start at 8:30 a.m. and go until 2:30 p.m. That’s when NBC takes over now. Used to be a lot later. We have the option of staying, but I usually leave because my feet are pretty sore. Made it home in plenty of time to see the race and the two before it, including the Old Forester Turf Classic.
    As for the race, I’m stunned Tiz The Law didn’t catch and pass Authentic down that long stretch at Churchill. My horse, Major Fed, didn’t close like he usually does, but James Graham put him in a great spot out of the gate and kept him within striking distance until the tail end of the last turn for home. No excuses, the team and the rider gave him every chance to get there, he just didn’t.
    The sad part here is the lost opportunity to elevate the weakest link in the Triple Crown, the Preakness. If Tiz The Law had won, he’d be going for the big title in Baltimore at a track sorely in need of a makeover. It may finally be getting it, but there have been persistent rumors every few years that the Preakness would move. A TC winner crowned there might have solidified it’s place as the rightful venue for the second jewel.
    Now, I’m afraid no one will pay much attention to it and the drumbeats for a relocation will kick up
    I hope not.
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