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Before we get into looking back at Fulham over the past month, let's take a moment to thank November's site sponsor @nevzter !

Where Fulham Started November:
19 Points
7th Place

November Record: 0W 2L 0D
2 GF, 4 GA
Points Per Match: 0 (1.3 for the season)

Where Fulham Ended November:
19 Points
9th Place

On paper November 2022 looks like a real stinker for Fulham. Zero points. Twice as many goals conceded as scored. But context is everything. There were only two matches and those were away at Manchester City and home to Manchester United. In both matches Fulham had a draw until late goals in added time. Fulham was also without Mitrovic in both matches. Fulham won't get any points for making a good showing against top teams, but the strong performances should offer some encouragement even if the results disappoint.

Fulham won't play again until Boxing Day that is still weeks away, and then there are only two matches before 2023 rolls over on the calendar. Most of...
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I’m starting up a monthly series here where I’ll take a look at the past month and how Fulham has done. These will be posted on the FulhamUSA.com homepage so that it stays a little bit more current - although if anyone has any articles they’d like to write to fill that space, please let me know! Below is the first shot at this, let me know if there are other things you’d add.

First off, let’s thank this month’s site sponsor, @astroevan! Thanks for keeping things going here for the month of October.

Where Fulham Started October:
  • 11 Points
  • 6th Place

October Record: 2W 2L 2D
10 GF, 11 GA
Points Per Match: 1.3 (1.5 for the season)

Where Fulham Ended October:
  • 19 Points
  • 7th Place

In October, Fulham came out of the international break and immediately suffered their two worst losses of the season. An early red card against Newcastle prevented Fulham from ever getting into the match before going down 4-1, the first time Fulham...
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For the third time in five years Fulham has achieved promotion and if you aren’t now a hardened realist about the challenges of staying up in the Premier League then you have a severe case of unfounded optimism that may need professional help. However, Fulham has some advantages this time around that should give them a better shot at staying up.

First, so this ends on a high note, let’s look at some of the marks against Fulham heading into the Premier League:
  • Carvalho will no longer be with Fulham. Carvalho was a key part of Fulham’s offensive capabilities and it will be difficult to replace his contributions.
  • High-pressing teams consistently caused issues for Fulham in the Championship. The press will only get worse in the Premier League so if Silva can’t figure out how to get his guys to play out from a high press Fulham will be in big trouble.
  • The front office has not gotten Fulham anywhere close to safety in the prior two Premier League campaigns, so their past...