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Before we get into the review of Fulham's February, let's take a moment to thank February's site sponsor: @jumpkutz !

Where Fulham Started February:
31 Points
7th Place

February Record: 2W 0L 2D
4 GF, 1 GA
Points Per Match: 2 (1.6 for the season)

Where Fulham Ended February:
39 Points
6th Place

Any time a team can go a month and only give up one goal in the league, it was probably a pretty good month. Fulham got through February without losing a single match thanks in large part to the excellent play of the defense. I mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating - in the 10 matches since the World Cup, Fulham has given up just 0.5 goals per match compared to 1.7 in the 15 prior matches. The improved performance by the defense allowed Fulham to still earn points in the three matches without Mitrovic compared to zero points from the three matches without Mitrovic prior to the World Cup.

February 2023 will also be remembered as the time that Manor Solomon...
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Before we get into the review of Fulham's January, let's take a moment to thank January's site sponsor: @sacffc

Where Fulham Started January:
25 Points
7th Place

January Record: 2W 2L 0D
3 GF, 3 GA
Points Per Match: 1.5 (1.5 for the Season)

Where Fulham Ended January:
31 Points
7th Place

A five game win streak came to an end in mid-January, but Fulham is still 7th in the League and still playing in the FA Cup. Fulham saw off Leicester before achieving one of their most memorable victories ever when they beat Chelsea 2-1 at Craven Cottage. It was a spectacular team performance that earned three points against their West London rivals for the first time in 17 years. The memory of that victory is still pretty sweet despite narrow losses to Newcastle and Tottenham and a draw against Sunderland in the FA Cup.

As Fulham heads into the second half of the season, they are clearly on track to reach safety and can entertain other ideas like making a deeper run in the FA...
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Fulham wrapped up a fantastic year with a perfect December!

Where Fulham Started December:
19 Points
9th Place

December Record: 2W 0L 0D
5 GF, 1 GA
Points Per Match: 3 (1.5 for the Season)

Where Fulham Ended December:
25 Points
7th Place

After getting zero points in two tight November matches, Fulham balanced things out by getting all six points in December and climbing back into 7th place (although that position could be short-lived with Chelsea playing Forest January 1).

Fulham got through the World Cup in good shape. Many of the international players had positive personal performances while no one picked up any new injuries. The break also let Fulham shake off any dip in confidence after two consecutive losses on late goals to the teams from Manchester.

Fulham still hasn't reached the half-way point of the season, but they are already well on their way to safety. Over the past twenty years, the average points for the team that finished safely in 17th place is 38 - and only...