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Fulham doesn't play in competitive matches in June, but we thankfully still have a site sponsor despite this being the most quiet of months for Fulham. Thanks @BarryWhite for supporting the site through this sleepy month!

Sadly the biggest event in this forum in June was the passing of HatterDon. He was beloved by all here and I miss hearing his thoughts on Fulham, sport, and life. He is irreplaceable and things just won't be the same without him.

Fulham had a few players leave the club after reaching the ends of their contracts. The most significant of these was Wembley hero, Joe Bryan. It seems that Fulham is rarely quick out of the blocks when it comes to the transfer window and that is holding true again. While some teams have made some big signings, Fulham's news has been mostly yet-to-be-fulfilled rumors. The most significant news was that initial negotiations between Willian and Fulham have not been fruitful. It remains to be seen if things can be worked out....
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It was difficult to find the enthusiasm to write this post after Don's passing. The trivial pursuit of football has been eclipsed by an event of real meaning. However, it is this forum that allowed us to know Don and we're all better for it. So we'll keep supporting the team he loved just like he'd want us to, but with the knowledge it won't be quite the same as before.

The past week has reminded me again about how much I appreciate all of you who participate here. And while this recap of May is a little late, I still want to call out last month's sponsor: @jumpkutz !

Where Fulham Started May:
45 Points
10th Place

May Record: 2W 2L 1D
10 GF, 8 GA
Points Per Match: 1.4 (1.4 for the season)

Where Fulham Ended May:
52 Points
10th Place

After spending two months sliding down the table from 6th place, Fulham finally held steady and finished at a very respectable 10th place. A top half finish was probably the absolute best any of us would have expected from this team...
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Before we get into the review of Fulham's April, let's take a moment to thank April's site sponsor: @sacffc !

Where Fulham Started April:
39 Points
9th Place

April Record: 2W 4L 0D
7 GF, 6 GA
Points Per Match: 1 (1.4 for the season)

Where Fulham Ended April:
45 Points
10th Place

After a forgettable March, things got slightly better in April, but Fulham continued a gradual slide down the table. Goal scoring continued at anemic levels with just 1 goal per match in 2023. Fulham seemed to have found a spark with Dan James and Harry Wilson against Everton and Leeds, but a meek showing against Aston Villa put an end to that hope. Despite a sputtering offense, Fulham's defense was generally solid and unlucky to have not earned two points. An unfortunate own goal against West Ham and a poorly defended corner against Aston Villa led to 1-0 defeats that on other days could have easily finished 0-0. Despite having nothing to play for and some lackluster performances, Fulham...