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The random thoughts of a Fulham man:

The following are a collection of random thoughts by myself, and while I do not like to use the first person medium when I write, it will be used this time because these are my own somewhat biased feelings about Fulham at the current time (12 August at the time of writing)
As I have stated before, this summer and now this season is huge for the progress of Fulham Football Club on multiple different levels.
First, this is Martin’s last year under contract. Along with this it is a big year for him and the entire back room staff, for this season they will not only be under the microscope of the fans, but that of the new owner as well. As witnessed in Jacksonville Mr. Khan is not afraid to pull the trigger so to speak and relive many key members of the staff after a bad season.

Financial prudence will continue with the arrival of Mr. Khan. Our mustachioed new chairman has mentioned this in many interviews. What does this mean for Fulham? It really is...
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A Tribute and a word of patience.

Last season our only recognized right back was considered to be Stephen Kelly, with Aaron Hughes as first team cover. Once again Fulham supporters raised an eyebrow and uttered the phrase of “Who?” when Sascha Reither was signed on loan from FC Cologne, a club just relegated to the Bundesliga B. As stated above most people had never heard of him unless they followed the German leagues, even then it took a quick Google search to find out that he was a member of the League winning Wolfsburg side (along with Ashkan Dejagah.)

He filled Fulham’s three criteria for a new signing. One he was an experienced player in his position, something needed in a mid –table side, in order to avoid any disruption. Two he was cheap, even more so that it was a loan. Third, he played against us in the famous Europa run, well that last one was made up, but it does seem like a large portion of the current squad has lined up against Fulham in Europe.

The season...
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Forget year of the snake, it’s the year of Bryan.

Bryan Jafet Ruiz González or just Bryan as it states on his kit is entering the third season of his contract at Fulham Football Club. If you were to rate players on how much they divide supporter’s opinion on players, Ruiz would finish just behind Senderos and Berbatov. Brought in from FC Twente, via Gent and recent opponents L.D. Alajuelense, there were very high hopes for the Costa Rican, having had a good career in Holland.

It is coming on three years after former Chairman Mo Al Fayed parted with a large sum of money that ventured into Marlet territory, with various numbers bandied about by the papers. As always Fulham announced the transfer as undisclosed so the exact amount is unknown.

The first of Bryan’s years here could be described as very unpolished. You could clearly see the talent he had in glimpses with a bit of skill here an amazing pass there or two outrageous chipped goals to mark the arrival of his...