Fulham USA: US Supporters club of Fulham FC

by Andersons11 at 10:08 PM
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A youthful Fulham side runs out victorious versus a mixed D.C. United side.

Fulham’s away venture to D.C United was greeted with a mixture of pleasant surprise and confusion when it was announced at the end of the season. The move however, makes sense when you think about Shahid Khan’s ownership of the club. Allowing the current supporters to see their favorite club, while hopefully adding to the American contingent.

The day started off at the aptly named Jacksonville Sports Bar, where the largest meeting of Fulham supporters took place on this side of the Atlantic since the 2005 MLS All Star match. Fulham in Florida had a wonderful welcoming atmosphere and we were visited by the Tache himself Shahid Khan, who was kind enough to open the tab for a little while.

It was a little surprising when Felix named the squad that a few more of the more experienced squad did not travel. However with Ipswich right around the corner it was understandable. Dembele was lethal in front...
by BarryWhite at 12:29 PM
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I remain upbeat about Fulham's performances under Rene including for the most part the defensive performance against Everton. Does the defense need to improve? Yes of course it does. Everton exposed some of this season’s defensive frailties that are neither new nor unexpected but I am convinced the defense has already shown a marked improvement in the last three matches. My hope is that given time and a slightly easier run of matches than Rene’s first four will be at the helm the defense will only continue to improve. Not convinced about a defensive improvement? Let me see if I can be of assistance.

We first need to deal with the obvious because the marked difference in Fulham's performance has of course has come in the offensive end of the pitch. In thirteen matches this season under Martin Jol Fulham only managed to out shoot the opposition on one occasion and only managed to put more shots on goal than the opposition on two occasions. Rene Muelensteen has managed to duplicate...
by HatterDon at 7:56 PM
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I am so pleased that Jol is no longer associated with our club and I'm more than ready to stand strong behind Rene. I have no idea what he's going to do with the present squad, and I have no idea who he's going to sign -- or try to sign -- in January. I WILL say this, though. I think that we're about 75% certain to be relegated regardless of what he does, and I'm okay with that ... IF

... there is a turnaround in how we play and how we approach the game. Over the last year or so, with only a few exceptions, Fulham's play has been a blight on the reputation of the Premier League. If we had kept Jol and if we continued to play like 11 dead men walking, our relegation would have been met with a combination of joy and relief by other clubs and by television audiences around the world. It sickens me that this might have happened.

If Rene can get our guys playing in a more positive manner and once again make Craven Cottage a fortress again ... if Rene can have 11 players fighting until...