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While waiting for Fulham to return after the international break, let's do a look at where things stand. But first, a big thank you to October's (and November's) site sponsor - @sacffc ! Thanks for keeping the servers running for FulhamUSA!

After 8 matches Fulham has the same record as last season - 3 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses. Yet somehow, things don't seem as good at this point as last season. I think some of it has to do with expectations. After the prior three Premier League seasons ended in relegation, no one expected much from Fulham last season. But a confident opening day draw against Liverpool made a statement that was followed by big wins against Brentford and Brighton along with some tight losses to Arsenal and Tottenham. At this point last season it was clear things would be different.

While the records are the same, the results have not been as convincing this season. A fortunate win against Everton, beatings at the hands of Manchester City and...
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Since Fulham is off this weekend is a good time to bring back the monthly recap. Before we get to Fulham, let's take a moment to thank August's site sponsor - @stlouisbrad ! Thanks Brad for getting things going this year! If you haven't already sponsored a month there are still two months (April and May) that you can sponsor.

Fulham's August Record: 1 W, 1 D, 2 L (for the sake of readability I'm including the City match from Sept. 2)
Upcoming September matches: Luton Town, Crystal Palace

I'm frankly a little disappointed in all of the, well, whining I've been hearing from Fulham fans (but not much from the folks here). Yeah, the transfer window was crazier than necessary and there are a number of questions about how the team is managed, but can we take a breath before declaring Fulham's inevitable doom? Fulham came out of a difficult opening stretch with 4 points - 4...
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Fulham doesn't play in competitive matches in June, but we thankfully still have a site sponsor despite this being the most quiet of months for Fulham. Thanks @BarryWhite for supporting the site through this sleepy month!

Sadly the biggest event in this forum in June was the passing of HatterDon. He was beloved by all here and I miss hearing his thoughts on Fulham, sport, and life. He is irreplaceable and things just won't be the same without him.

Fulham had a few players leave the club after reaching the ends of their contracts. The most significant of these was Wembley hero, Joe Bryan. It seems that Fulham is rarely quick out of the blocks when it comes to the transfer window and that is holding true again. While some teams have made some big signings, Fulham's news has been mostly yet-to-be-fulfilled rumors. The most significant news was that initial negotiations between Willian and Fulham have not been fruitful. It remains to be seen if things can be worked out....