USSF Presidential Election

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    Where do I register to vote for Wynalda?
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    He needs to fall on the sword and announce he won't run for re-election. Couldn't help but think of this thread last night so in the need to vent, checked out the position.
    • Gulati's day job is as an Economics Professor at Columbia. His salary as the President of the USSF? There is none (other then the countless 'bribes' er' perks).
    • The highest paying job at the USSF is the title of Secretary General, which is some dude named Dan Flynn for a $700K o_O
    I have no idea what Dan Flynn does, but it stuns me the current President doesn't treat his as a full-time job.
    First order of business, is to re-structure the USSF and make sure the President is compensated, but with the understanding that its 24-7 here, w/no side trips to Zurich to pat himself on the back.
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