USMNT v. Portugal

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    Caught the last couple of minutes and couldn't believe my eyes when Bruce Arena was in the Fox Studios doing the post match. Seriously, who in the HELL thought that was a good idea??? Every word out of his mouth was the like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. Can you imagine the Italian manager doing the same thing for the next Azzuri friendly?
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    I wouldn't find it difficult to believe if there was some quid pro quo deal between USSF and Fox Sports that brought in Bruce. There is a lot of deals between these partnerships involving MLS, USSF, Soccer United Marketing and Fox Sports. I am not going to be shocked if all 4 of these entities are going to be involved in a scandal soon. Although maybe not in this one:
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    Wow. Probably wasn't Portugal's A team, but, just judging from the highlights, a spirited, energetic effort by our youngsters. With the exception of Horvath's howler, I like what I see here. That new #8 looks a worthy successor to the previous owner. Don't worry, Ethan. We'd rather you make that mistake now instead of during a qualifier...that COUNTS!
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    Caught the entire match via DVR -- skipped over the commentary because Lalas was involved. Did Arena once point out that if he'd gotten ANY of his players during his recent stint at head coach to have shown as much spirit and toughness as we saw last night, we'd be on our way to Russia?

    1. so glad to see Williams getting a call and playing the position I've been lobbying for since the end of the last World Cup.
    2. I hope you guys got to see why I've been banging my Carter-Vickers drum for so long. Great to see Brooks back as well.
    3. Yes, not Portugal's first team; ours wasn't either.
    4. Loved Adams and McKinnie -- neither of whom I'd heard of.
    5. On top of being dropped by his club, Horvath does THAT? He's going to be psychologically injured for a long while, and we may never see him again in a USA shirt.
    6. It would have been nice if one of the two announcers had paid more attention to the game going on than to recycling the same "the future is everything" mantra and its variations literally hundreds of times.
    7. Oh, and one of the most entertaining USMNT matches I've seen in a while.
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    Not that I don't agree with your other points Don but I REALLY agree with you about Adams and McKennie. Adams (NYRB) I know about from the U20 World Cup and NY Red Bull. He's was outstanding at the US20 Cup and is one of the reasons Dax McCarty was traded to Chicago. I enjoy watching him every chance I get. McKennie (FC Dallas) I hadn't seen before last night but he's starting for Schalke and looks special. The best part of his game in my opinion was not the goal but everything else he did. In post match commentary somewhere I heard he led the team in touches (60) and defensive stops (16).

    In addition, both are MLS academy products along with Agudelo (NYRB), Yedlin (Seattle), Miazga (NYRB) and Acosta (FC Dallas). That means 60% of our starting outfielders were produced by MLS academies which makes me smile.
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