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    Not Fulham here, but while enjoying watching this season's Liverpool squad, I found myself wondering if the transfer fee Southampton got for Virgil Van Dijk was worth it. It pretty much guaranteed the Saint's demise and turned Liverpool into a juggernaut.

    Similarly, I'm still puzzling about Man U and Arsenal's decision making also in the winter market. Who at Arsenal decided that Mkhtaryan was a good swap for Alexi Sanchez -- especially when playing with Aubameyang? Sanchez made his own chances and created them for the rest of The Gunners attackers. Aubameyang is NOT that kind of striker. He's a finisher and nothing else. And Mik is primarily a lateral passer. This "trade" pretty much doomed The Gunners ... not that this is making me cry.

    Of course, the "trade" was bad for United as well. Sanchez is a free-running spirit on the pitch -- much like Liverpool's Salah, but The Special One doesn't allow that kind of football. Fine, i suppose, but why in the world would you sign a player and then not allow him to play his game. I didn't see the City-United match, but every time I've seen United play with Sanchez in the lineup, his frustration was obvious. And yesterday's loss to WBA was the classic example.

    Why I don't make a dime out of football continues to amaze me!

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    HD, I think some of it is ‘save face get a name’ philosophy Arsenal has adopted for last 5+ seasons. They don’t seem to have any clue on whether or not a player fits in. I agree on Sanchez under The Semi-Special One. Didn’t think it would work, and it hasn’t so far.
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