Rene's Plan for Fulham Youth

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    Not much there to see what exactly he means by "drip feeding" the players into the squad, but at least it's something?
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    That is the part I find encouraging, given that Rene has experience in this regard. It doesnt really matter if Fulham's youth teams are winning a lot of titles like they have. That could just mean they play well together as a team, are coached well to win, or have solid depth. What matters is if Fulham is developing players that have what it takes to be a professional, to fit into Fulham's team. Are they developing vesatile players that can adapt to different situations and different teammates ? Stuff like that. Sounds like Rene's answer is "yes".
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    You need to bare in mind that 4 of the players that finished that U21 game against the 2nd place team - Donnelly, Williams, Evans and Hyndman are all only 17. As for versatility and learning how to play different positions Donnelly has played full back and centre half and often gets pushed up late on if a goal is needed, Evans has played midfield, lone striker and his prefered role as Full back, Hyndman has played in the Hole, holding midfielder and central midfield.

    The U18s and U21 are doing extremely well despite injuries and constant changing of line ups but reinforces the quality of training they recieve. Promotion of Donnelly, Dembele and Williams along with occasional appearances of others from U18's to the U21 supposedly weakens the U18's but I'm still being surprised at the depth in both squads. No matter what team selected the self belief and will to win is endemic is so refreshing and something you can't put a price on. Utd success was built on a somilar ethos developed when Giggs, nevilles, Scholes, Butt and Sharp all moved through together into the first team. Fingers crossed we have something similar bubbling up.

    It will be an interesting run in to the end of both their seasons, I think the U21's could well qualify for the playoffs, I suspect along with Utd, City and Chelsea - not bad company to be in. Both teams have a number of tough games coming up, with key players promoted to the U21 it will be very interesting watching how the U18s squad copes without some key players, also to see some of the fringe players given the opportunity to rise to the challenge. Unfortunately I'll miss both teams playing Chelsea at home in early March because I'll be over in the here/there(Florida) for 3 weeks. :banana-dance:
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