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    Mar 18, 2006
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    Watched parts of two matches today as well as Liverpool's massacre on Friday. Here's a couple of observations:

    1. The gap between Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham and Man U and the rest of the league continues to grow. After Citeh's match, the first thing that struck me was that they already had GD over Liverpool -- on the first weekend. I think it's fair to expect that LIverpool and Citeh will be fighting it out for the title [pretty much alone] for the next few seasons.

    2. Sheffield U and Norwich City are just pleased to be part of the dance. Villa will move heaven and earth to stay up, but the other two promoted clubs know they're in the Prem for two or three seasons at best. There's just too great a disparity in wealth to give them a chance of staying up. It's especially sad for SheffU who should not have been relegated in the first place. For those of you who don't remember their relegation in 2007, they went down because the FA decided to overlook repeated violations by West Ham and NOT dock them any points for it. Why? As I remember it was along the lines of "the club did violate rules and other clubs who did things similar were docked points, but ... IT WOULD BE CRUEL FOR WEST HAM'S SUPPORTERS for them to be relegated." I'm certain that the fact that WHU was in London and that THE bigwig of the FA was a former Hammer's star had nothing to do with it.

    3. During the course of both matches I watched, references were made to Fulham's misadventures last year and the danger in equating hyperactivity in the market during the off season and potential success.

    4. When Spurs scored their third, there was a cutaway to three or four young men applauding -- one of them being Sess. Sigh

    5. God help me, I've DVRd tomorrow's Chelsea match. It's all about Pulisic.
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  2. jumpkutz

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    After watching the extended highlights of ManUre and scum, it would appear that Frank's got his work cut out for him. To his credit, he's playing younger players, but it's a bit too late for them to be their usual selves. Good...
    I honestly don't think it's even a two horse race...Citeh look to be even better than last season. Scousers are largely unchanged, Spurs too. Pulled away late at the new stadium to pip Villa after conceding the opener. I just wonder how much Sess will see the pitch this season. Had to be done, but I wish we could have kept him for a couple of more seasons. Leicester and Wolves were terribly underwhelming, as were Arsenal and Toons, though the gooners managed a goal.
    Only the first weekend, I know, but I didn't see anything to thwart a Man City repeat.
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  3. SoCalJoe

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    Watched the Scum v ManUre match, strange scoreline since Chelsea dominated the first 25 minutes and hit both the post and crossbar. They should be better once Giroud comes back. Already hating the espnfc coverage of Pulisic (over the top and unnecessary), almost as much as seeing him in the blue jersey.

    The one thing I can see stopping Citeh repeating is that Pep wants one thing above all and that’s the Champions League. He must stay up nights thinking about how they blew it to Spurs in the CL and that they would’ve gone on to win. He’ll be more then willing to potentially give up league points w/lineups that aren’t full strength in chase of it. Conversely Liverpool is dying to get that no title since the inception of the ‘Premier League’ monkey off their back and will prioritize that.
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    To HD's #2 (take that how you may): Carlos Tevez. Did Chelsea find their new shirts in a previously unopened box from 1993? It's only missing the splash of neon...
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