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Discussion in 'FulhamUSA Introductions and Announcements' started by pettyfog, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    When I was asked if I would moderate this forum, I was reluctant to accept as I felt it would cramp my style, or in worst case {further alienate me*} in the Fulham community.. as i wont brook unsocial language.. such as frequent use of the F bomb**, used just for the sport of it.

    * uh..for you newbies, that's a joke

    ** And I dont Give a Fook HOW you spell it! I'm serious, you do it for fun, it's out'a here for that post!

    There has NOT been a problem of language as any I've seen seems to fall naturally, given the poster's personality, etc.
    To be perfectly clear, I have yet to wield the blue pencil, or lock or delete ANYTHING for offensive comment. Kudo's to all of you.
    - STILL TRUE a year later!

    But... one thing that most aggravates me and others, I'm sure, is overuse of chat just for the sake of it... meaning throwaway responses such as seen on the offal board.

    Understand that the mechanics of the software used on here is much different than Fulham's old board.. the storage space is archival and each and every response takes up a certain amount of space in the database, and doesnt necessarily correspond to the length of the post.
    Such is the nature of 'SQL'

    Thus once a topic has been exhausted and the tone becomes throwaway chat, I'm gonna lock it.

    Because somewhere below, there is a topic that is being culled from the forum database to accomodate that chatty response... and that topic may contain ideas or thoughts or predictions that someone later might have wanted to see.

    I'm not trying to be a big old meany.. and i'm not trying to censor what you post..I'm just saying that posting so as to signify you read a previous post isnt necessary, it's assumed that you read it.
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    Once in a while, enthusiasm or confusion leads a poster into thinking they're on the offal, and they post a duplicate topic to one that's already there. Certainly that's both understandable and forgivable.
    If you have done so and it seems to "disappear", just look for a topic that's the same. Your post has been moved there, not deleted.
    See above. Usually I'll leave a ghost pointer in the original forum.
    Doesnt happen much on here, but if it does just please go back and delete the second... or the one that hasnt had a reply.
    You have a finite period of time to do this.. but you have to log in before you can see the 'delete' icon.
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    Use of text and images from other sources

    Please dont copy/paste whole articles.. use only those parts which you wish to use to comment on, directly

    Always attribute them to source, including author. Preferably provide a link... dont worry if you're not sure, just paste the contents of the URL as text.

    MANY sites dont like image hot-links. But they object mainly to heavily trafficked/read sites using that ... it's a real hit on their bandwidth.
    And they are always suspicious of image hijacking.... since the image appears as if it's part of the referring site's (fulhamUSA, in this case) content.

    Not likely to be an issue here, in the near future, but something to be aware of.

    The real issue here is the effect on speed of download for other users, who may be on slower connections. the more images, the harder it is for the user on a dial-up.
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