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    Feb 15, 2005
    South Pasadena, CA and Northfield, MA
    Hey everyone, what's up. My name's William Panza and I've been following Fulham for the past few years now. I just stumbled across the site and decided to join. Anyway, I guess that I'd be on the younger side of this supporters club. I'm 18 right now. I'm from around the Los Angeles area of California but am finishing my senior of boarding school, which is in north-western Massachusetts. I love playing soccer. I finished my high school season this past fall and now am training in preparation for my spring club team. I'm also a big supporter of the LA Galaxy and go to their home games whenever I'm back in LA.
    Back to Fulham. I admire the club for a variety of reasons. Among the top are that the club is a small team on the rise. They're working hard, day in, day out to become more and more consistent and hopefully within the next couple of years, make it into Europe. Coleman is new kind of manager that I haven't really seen before. He's very direct and doesn't try to put on a facade for the media. He speaks what's on his mind. Despite being a big Ina fan, I still follow the club daily since his departure. I think Chris Coleman's put a good squad together. The defence is young but will mold together and should be a good working unit by next season. The midfield is quality yet there are a lot of old players in their 30's, and I think Cookie will need to bring in one or two middies once Clarky, Leggy and Pembridge get too old. We'll also need a new goalie, but Batista might be Van Der Sar's succesor. Only time will tell if he'll grow into his shoes and fulfill his potential. Not to mention, Collins John gets better and better each week.
    Yeah, so like I've said before, I'm a major proponent of the club, but can't go to a pub in LA to watch a game. (too young) The good news is I'm going to be traveling to Craven Cottage with my father for the March 5 game vs. Charlton Atheltic. It'll be my first time to the cottage and I can't wait. Maybe I'll see a couple of you there. Who knows. Anyway, it's awesome that a site exists like this for us people on the other side of the pond. GO FULHAM!!!!!!!!!
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    Dec 30, 2004
    Well you won't be the only yank at the cottage...there will be 4 other FUSA members at that game as well. Myself, Chicago Tom, McBrides Headers and Smokin'.

    Great post and I'm glad you made it over.

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    Dec 30, 2004
    RE: Re: Oy there!

    We will have to meet in London before the match as American Mike said. We are going to meet up with some of the locals at a pub before the match. If you are interested in meeting up with us before the match, let myself or Mike know.

    Cheers and Welcome to BigSoccer! It does not matter what age you are! You are always welcome to support Fulham with the rest of us!

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