Herr Felix and Rene

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by Eloc, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Does anybody think that in keeping rene while bringing on felix seems like a good cop, bad cop routine? i for one am excited about felix, particularly when it comes to training. he is, from what i can find, a very good team builder. these players are being paid fabulously and yet some are strolling around the pitch. felix to me seems to be the man to come in and take the raw iron and carbon and refine it through the furnace of his training style. rene seems to have more tactical nous, particularly when it comes to EPL teams, and i can see him taking this refined steel from felix and constructing a team capable of survival.
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    I feel pretty confident in saying that once the legalese is settled, Rene will be out of the picture.

    Just as well, imo, as Magath has his own lieutenants and his reputed style is such a departure from Meulensteen's that I can't see them together as anything but counterproductive. I also don't see Rene wanting to continue on in a demoted position, especially after his comments on Friday.
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