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    Dec 11, 2005
    Well I just saw the film Goal! The Dream Begins or whatever the full name is (as I"ve learned there is a 3rd...yes third..means a sequel has been made...but a 3rd installment that will be filmed at the Cup this summer)......Thought I would check this out as the movies are flying in this summer....apparently next week a film about Van Gogh or Donatello..or one of the ninja turtles comes out???....................but anywho, so the movie Goal left me not totally thrilled, but not totally hating it as well. YOu can tell from the onset that ADIDAS is a big player in it, choosing the geordies as the team and plugging the film with adidas boots, balls, players (becks, raul, zizu)....but like alot of films or footey shows they dont try to cover up a nike mark of man u. with a upside down check...and do put a bit of realism (word??) in the film.

    The gist of the film is that a Mexican/American immigrant gets noticed by a former Newcastle scout, gets a trial...and through the ups and downs becomes a feel good movie, will anyone want to get the feel good motive to see it though? At the end of the day its a film about footey, and while I was amped to see a film with Chimps playing footey...known as Chelsea first 11 :) ......I as everyone else on here has a deep love, passion, choose your adjective for it, for football.....and seeing a movie put it out there...esp the Prem was GREAT...it had its moments when they used file footage (two seasons ago, or just last season) of some games..but unlike the show on FSC "Dream Team" you didnt feel like it was too horribly cut up.....overall it has the hollywood feel good cheesy message, a good one, but the film is good to see some footey making out there.....not saying anyone should drop what they are doing to check it out...but if you have a free afternoon, in a month or so it makes it to a dollar theater, or wait to rent it, give it a go.....Fulham and what appears to be Craven Cottage makes an appareance.....the main character, Santiago, makes his Prem debut and gets a penalty against the whites and gets the toons a 1-0 victory in his first EPL duty.....at the end he yells back to his agent/friend "My dad saw me play against FOOL HAM" that was his pronunciation.......just wondering if that is a common call....or have I been missing something..........i give the film a 6.5 outta 10 for its rating.....be interested to hear what others think....until then lets keep BRIDGE!!!!!

    cheers all
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