FUSA 2016-17 Mamager Sacking Pool

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    Well, he's got a brand-new contract with them. They're gonna have to play him to justify the cost. Kinda feel for the lad.

    Back in my Hatter Days -- in the old third division -- there was a guy named Bruce Rioch who was easily the best player in the division. The manager of Rotherham United was a well-known successful character who was in temporary limbo waiting for a better job. He wanted Rioch. Once he became manager of Villa, he pried him away from us. As soon as he left THAT job, he went after him again. Finally, he became manager of Scotland and discovered that Bruce had a Scot grandparent and - bingo -- he became Scottish national. Bruce wound up having a great career despite having knees at 30 worse than mine at 70, and is a consensus challenger as the Best Hatter Ever.

    My point? In real life the value of a footballer is directly proportional to how much his manager wants him. There are hundreds of footballers I could name who lost their starting gigs when a new gaffer came to town -- including several Americans of note. It could happen to Chris either way.
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