Fulham vs Spurs

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by jumpkutz, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. HatterDon

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    This Spurs performance was 180 out of what they looked like against Ghent, but it wasn't all that out of line from what I've seen them do earlier this season from time to time.

    What should scare the rest of the Premier League is that they did it all without Rose, Walker, and without Dembele for more than an hour.

    As for us, we had obviously decided to let them attack and hit them on the counter. The problem was that every single long probing pass upfield was either too short, too long, or was accepted by a White who was off sides. Add that to the fact that we surrendered the wings to Tottenham, and there ya go.

    While there's no doubting who the better side was, given another set of linesman and a ball boy who remembered that he worked for FFC, it might have turned out 0-0. I've seen offsides called on both of the last two goals, but I learned this week that a part of the body that cannot be legally used to score a goal should not be considered for an offside decision. Kane's left arm and shoulder were forward of Ream, but I have learned this is okay.

    I think this result says nothing about how good a Championship side we are. We still have our fate in our hands.
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    I agree. Outside of the first 90 seconds or so, we didn't press and we looked more like a club side than a professional side. We dribbled too much, passed too little, and tried playing too many impossible long balls. Betts was rather shaky with his distribution and Cairney didn't seem the same after taking a boot to the face early on.
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    A large turnout at the Olde Ship in Santa Ana, too bad the Fulham side I expected to see didn't turn up. However, it was great to see Tim and hope the next time there will be more to cheer about.
  4. MicahMan

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Don't know why you'd want to re-live this one, but here are the highlights:

    I wonder if there will be any fall-out for Ream. Harry Kane just destroyed him and made him look foolish a number of times.
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