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Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by astroevan, May 8, 2018.

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    Read the USA Today today [I know; any port in a storm] and they had four individuals handicapping the league.
    Projected champion: all four went for Cith
    Projected next three: no unanimous sides.votes for Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Man U and Arsenal
    Projected relegated sides: unanimous for Cardiff City going down. Second favorite [3 of 4] was Huddersfield. My suprise? Newcastle was picked by two of the writers. Fulham? None of the four thought we were going down.

    Looking forward to tomorrow morning. The $50 for Gold Series seems worth it. In addition to several matches each weekend, there's the return of all the premier league shows. I enjoyed watching the show dedicated to the three promoted clubs.


    off to get Mah Boy Cauley's photo on a milk carton.
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    I'm very much looking forward to watching all the other great stuff in addition to Fulham. It's an unfortunate fact that 7 o'clock in the morning and I just don't get along. It will be beyond fantastic that I can sleep in and then watch Fulham. I'm getting up for the opener, but I'll probably watch later than the start time in most cases.

    For the occasional evening game I can go up to the local sports pub, have lunch and lift a pint to Fulham, which is a rare experience for me since, for some reason, beer is just not appealing at 7 in the morning. I plan to conduct a Fulham revival meeting whenever there's an opportunity.

    I just hope I can get the Gold working for the opener. Just signed up Friday, and tried to look at a replay of one of those shows, but couldn't get it to work. It could be that Firefox gives me too much control over who is tracking what I do. I'll only turn off the ad blocker on the site as a last resort. Maybe Opera would work, or it could just be that my user ID needs to be distributed to one or more system directories, and then I will be able to log in. So, I'll see if I can get it working at game time.

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    I wish Norwood nothing but luck!
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    Yeah, I agree Evan, lazy journalism just putting known facts together, then hypothesizing a story out of them. Who knows if there's really anything to it or not. But I feel pretty certain that Mr. Lovatt didn't lift one finger, other than to type this out on his keyboard, to gather any facts confirming or disproving known facts.
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