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    Well hopefully we are at rock bottom and can begin our climb back up the table. I was surprised Magath lasted past last season. I'm sure Khan didn't want the appearance of a laughing stock with the appointment of four managers in less than six months but it has always been apparent that Magath wasn't effective. He simply never found his way in English football.
    Felix was a bit out dated with his tactics and clearly the team was not prepared for the style of play in the championship. He over estimated the talent in the academy and underestimated the talent and experience he let go for next to nothing this summer. We never appeared to have a clear and definite plan. Magath always talked about figuring out new tactics and seeing what different players could do and yet we never had the same lineup in a row. Players were asked to perform different tasks from game to game, play different roles and positions, sometimes even in the same game. Where was the cohesion and familiarity to come from with this type of managing?
    Fulham got lucky with picking an older manager from a different era in Roy Hodgeson. But Hodgeson had a simple system where every player knew the role of each position they were asked to fulfill. The positions were practically interchangeable and defense oriented which bode well in our great escape. He keep it simple and defensive and more importantly you could sense the gravity of the situation, a real determination to come together and achieve. While they tried it again with Felix there was never any sense of purpose under Magath.
    To many times we came out flat. Teams generally seem to take the lead from their manager and Felix seemed too laid back without any sense of urgency. Granted we do not know the man behind closed doors but Fulham clearly never played with any camaraderie on the field, rarely were we fluid in our movement. I'm sure he saw this too which lead to his clearing of the roster but his purge was to deep and eventually he was just throwing things against the wall to see what stuck.
    There certainly is some talent left in the side, enough to claw back to mid table but Magath wasn't the man to bring us back. We need to simplify and fortify and keep it simple, restore confidence and slowly build. I'd like to see an experienced championship manager take the reigns. Someone who understands the situation we are in and has been there before.....COYW!
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    Welcome to the site @phillycottager! Can't really disagree with anything you said above.
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    What Heather said!
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    Welcome to the site
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