Delayed respect for WW

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    That being the abbreviation for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    I will confess that I've paid a lot more attention to Fulham and even Cardiff than the other side who was promoted to the Prem this season. They've played good football all season, and today they slapped Arsenal in the face 3-1 -- potentially banning the Gunners from Europe next season. In doing so, they put themself in a position to finish 7th in their first season back in quite a spell.

    Fulham is down and ... assuming we continue our run of wins and clean sheets Saturday, so soon will be Cardiff. Wolves? Well done, gents!
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    I've been happy for the success that Wolverhampton had, but it also comes with a twinge of jealousy. Fulham was better than them in the second half of last season. Remember this from February 2018...

    At the start of this season I thought Fulham could do the things that Wolverhampton did - beat top six teams (they only lost to the top 3 and only Liverpool has a chance at two wins against them), make a run in the FA Cup, finish in the top half of the table, have a shot a European play. Wolverhampton showed all of that was possible for a newly promoted team. It wasn't an unrealistic dream, it simply wasn't something Fulham could accomplish. Where things went off the rails for Fulham will have to be another post, but when I look at Wolverhampton I just sigh and mourn the missed opportunities of the past season.
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