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    Good ESPN article on FFC's Dempsey and the differing views of him by US and UK fans. Based on the points in the article, you could argue it's less US v UK and more informed v uninformed. To wit:
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    Yes - this was great... I like that he calls out Harke as well.
  3. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Harkes said Dempsey looked tired, even sick.
    - Wow!!!! Johnny REALLY smeared Clint didnt he!

    You know what... If any of you guys can point out proof that that schmuck isnt making up conflict where none is, I wish you would.

    Let's see some articles by us writers.

    What he accuses US fans of is what we said about Clint when he first went to Fulham.

    And IT WAS RIGHT! We saw what we saw. Now it's different. Credit Fulham Credit maturity and marriage but that writer is making shit up. The ONLY thing keeping Clint from the top billing on USMNT is Landon.
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