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    Excited that A&M has pulled off Fisher and looking forward to seeing what he can do. Our opener with UCLA brought a lot of attention to both programs. Pretty ironic where both sit today. The situation at Tennessee has been almost beyond belief. I don’t get Herm to the Scum Devils. I actually think that would’ve been a good spot for Sumlin but it’s looking more and more like he’s going to go do tv for a bit which doesn’t surprise me. I am surprised that Hugh Freeze got off as light as he did while Ole Miss got hammered. On to the games...

    Stanford v USC - both trending in the right direction. SC has been better since they fixed their turnover problems and Stanford has since getting Love back and going with Costello. This one is close enough that I think the rematch rule applies so I’ll take the Cardinal.

    Memphis v UCF - the likely future head coach of Arky vs the future head coach of the Corn. The winner is probably the team that is least distracted by that situation. I’ll take the Knights because, as I understand it, Frost runs a really disciplined program.

    TCU v Oklahoma - after giving up 38 in the first half, the Frogs did shutout OU in the 2nd half of that rout. Granted, the Sooners took the air out of the ball, but still, I have no doubt Patterson will make the defensive adjustments to make this more competitive. The only problem is I don’t trust Hill in big games and I just don’t see him outgunning Mayfield. Sooners are the hottest team outside of Auburn, so I think they win, but it’ll be closer this time.

    Clemson v Miami - the U will need the turnover chain to get a lot of air time if they’re going to have a shot. They’ve just been too inconsistent from quarter to quarter for me though. Especially away from home.

    Wisconsin v Ohio St - I still can’t decide if the Badgers are ‘15 Iowa or not. But I also know you never know which Ohio St will show up outside of the Shoe. Meyer’s past teams have shown up big in this game though while last year’s Badgers lost to Penn St. I’ll go with the Buckeyes but I’m rooting for the Badgers.

    Georgia v Auburn - the Tigers boast the nations best front 7 and they’ll once again force the Dawg’s FR qb to beat them. I don’t think he can, but it’ll probably be a little closer than last time, just because of Auburn’s rb injury situation.

    So based on that I think the Final 4 is Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma and a headache. Bama/Ohio St is going to be a toss up. The Nuts got in last year without a conference championship and they have the better wins. Also, we haven’t seen the committee double dip a conference yet, so I’m not sure they’re willing to. If Bama gets in it’ll be because of the “eye test” and that Iowa loss. You’ll hear a lot of, “no way Bama goes to Iowa and gets blown out while giving up 55.” It should be interesting.
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    I can remember when there was a HUGE controversy about going to an 11 game season. Hell, Ohio State used to play a NINE game season. The controversy was the "education v. sports" argument? It wasn't just the players who would experience a negative impact of an 11th game, they said. The extra game could hurt graduation rates for people in the band.

    Given that if an SEC team plays in "the national championship game" in 2018 it will have played 15 games, is there anyone concerned about the negative impact on "scholar athletes?" Seriously, is there anyone out there wringing their hands about this these days?

    If these guys are really college students instead of unpaid and un-unionized employees, where's the outrage?
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    Recently, more and more layers are skipping non-playoff bowl games. Not because of education concerns, but because of injury concerns. I feel that there is very little emphasis placed on the education of the athletes. And some of it makes sense. Why worry about an athlete’s course work when there is zero chance they will be there long enough to graduate?
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    Actually, anyone but Bama will play 15 if they play in the Championship. Given that it’s only 2 teams, I’m not that concerned by it. It’s no different than what FCS teams and below have been playing and the sport generates so much revenue now that FBS players are given facilities, nutritionists, medical services, etc that rival any pro sport. I do agree they should receive some form of pay as well. College sports have been big business for a long time, longer than I bet you think or are willing to admit. At least they acknowledge it now and provide better services, scheduling considerations (practice time limits are way down compared to the previous 4 plus decades), equipment, educational support and on and on. If I were a college athlete, I’d rather be one today than any other time in my life, easily. There’s room to improve, sure. There always will be.

    Think the committee nailed it on the 4 teams btw, as much as I don’t like seeing 2 major conference champs excluded.

    Wonder what David Shaw was thinking going for it (with basically the same play) on 4th down instead of tying it with a fg. That game should have gone to OT. And props to Jawja for thumping Auburn. I thought it would be close but I didn’t see them going from getting whipped in both trenches to whipping them in both.
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    @LaxAttack If Bama goes on to win the title Iowa will have a giant assist in it. Ohio State simply couldn't get past the whoopin' the Hawkeyes put on them. I also thought the committee got it right.

    Coaching Home Runs hires in last week: Jimbo Fisher (wow what a contract!) to the Aggies. Scott Frost going home to Nebraska.

    Without a doubt the players need to have some sort of stipend. However, room&board, tuition, books, food, clothing, access to top end medical care, and academic advisors is nothing to sneeze at. I think people don't give football players enough credit. These young men graduate at a much higher rate than the general population at D1 universities. They must go to school for 3 years before deciding to go into the draft (and very few juniors leave). Once a kid gets past their junior year, they've matured as 'scholar athletes' and as people and the odds are great that they will leave with a degree.
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