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    Sep 5, 2006
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    Whole mess of important games:

    #7 Penn State at #24 Michigan State; Both teams coming off crushing losses. Expecting Penn State to bounce back.

    #4 Clemson at #20 North Carolina State; The Wolfpack was going toe-to-toe w/Notre Dame than boom, were dominated in the second half. Have to think Clemson will repeat the same, but expect it to be closer in Raleigh.

    #21 Stanford at #25 Washington State; Stanford is going w/a freshman QB. The good news is Bryce Love has been cleared to play. Leach doesn't seem to know which QB he prefers. Wazzu has been terrific at home, so I'll go w/them.

    #19 LSU at #2 Alabama; Saban loves to scold the media about over-hyping his team (amongst other things). The players on the other hand will take being ranked #2 personally and will take it out on the Tigers.

    #13 Virginia Tech at #10 Miami; The Canes have been playing w/fire and sooner or later won't be able to eek by. Va Tech is quietly smashing teams after their one loss. Going w/the Hokies.

    #22 Arizona (Not a Typo) at #17 USC; Khalil Tate became the first player in the Pac (8, 10,or 12) ever to win the Conference Offensive Player of the Week for 4 consecutive weeks. He has lifted a squad that has 61 (Not a Typo) redshirt/true Freshmen about 10 levels. He's from LA and was recruited by SC, but felt they would never let him play QB. SC bounced back last week, and have to pick w/my head and say that they'll be too much for my young Cats, but so encouraged by this season.

    Game of the Week
    #5 Oklahoma at #11 Oklahoma State; Bedlam in Stillwater. The Sooners have looked so vulnerable, while the Pokes went on the road and took care of business. This is a playoff game, and while picking OU Lite seems like the call I'll go w/Baker Mayfield.

    Upset Alert;
    There will be a shocker somewhere, I'm guessing it's one of these:

    #6 Ohio State at Iowa; The Hawkeyes are giant killers at home. The Buckeyes should win, but it won't be easy.

    Texas at #8 TCU; The Longhorns are getting better. Not sure how TCU will respond after a loss.

    #15 Iowa State at West Virginia; It's tough for a school like Iowa State to keep focused after a huge win.

    #14 Auburn at Texas A&M; I know Matt will think I'm crazy after the Aggies disappointing performance last week, but wouldn't be surprised in the least if they pull off the upset.
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    Jan 20, 2008
    Alamo City, Texas
    What a great weekend of matchups as we roll into November. I can’t believe I forgot to pick Penn St v Ohio State last week.

    Penn State @ Michigan St - the Nittany’s have struggled a bit on the road and Sparty is salty at home. However I think Penn State just has too much for them on offense and gets the win.

    Clemson @ NC State - the Tigers needed an unlikely missed fg and ot to get the win in Death Valley last year. I think this game is going to hinge on the health of Kelly Bryant’s ankle. They say he’s okay and ND exposed something in State’s run d last week. I’ll take Clemson.

    Stanford @ Washington St - another game that depends on the health of an ankle as the Cardinal barely beat the Beavers last week without Love. They’re just 2-2 on the road, but on a cold, icy Saturday night in the Palouse, I think Stanford wears the Cougs down with Love and the run game and grinds out a W. Also, Stanford is top 10 in to margin, Wazzu is among the worst in FBS.

    LSU @ Alabama - For LSU same qb, no Fournette, same result. Tide rolls.

    Va Tech @ Miami - at first glance, this looks like the obvious game for the Canes luck to run out. But Tech relies on FR at 2 key positions on offense and they’ve barely traveled this year (just 2 road games). They’ve also racked up those 7 wins against a pretty weak slate. I’m going with Miami in another close one.

    Arizona @ USC - the Trojans solved their turnover problem last week, they’ve got more talent and they’re at home, so I’m picking them. But if they go back to being careless with the ball, the Cats are plenty capable of putting them in a hole they can’t dig out of.

    Oklahoma & Okla St - OU owns this series with just 7 losses all time and having won 11 of the last 14. Every time State is good, they pull the Poke Choke in this game. Mayfield leads the Sooners to the win, bad d and all.

    Upset -
    Auburn @ Texas A&M (+15) - no Joe, I don’t think you’re crazy. The road team has won this game every year we’ve been in the SEC, our Nov swoons are no secret and we’re coming off an ugly loss. But...we came away with nothing twice after dropping balls in the end zone in that game and gave up 21 pts off of turnovers. Those are correctable mistakes and if you reverse just half of them, that’s a different game. No Pettway for Auburn and they’ve struggled protecting Stidham while we lead the conf in sacks. With UGA looming next week, this smells of a trap game.

    WV is favored v Iowa St. TCU has been a terrible matchup for Texas in recent years, winning the last 3 by 103 pts. Iowa hasn’t beaten anyone with a pulse in a while.

    I really wanted to pick Indiana over Wisconsin just so I could make a Stranger Things reference, but no.
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    Mar 4, 2014
    Remember, you heard it here first!
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    Aug 5, 2013
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    But he only guessed one...
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    Sep 5, 2006
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    :cool: Don't be hating Evan, lol.

    Stock Rising: Miami; the Canes set up an old school showdown with Notre Dame. I had NO idea that Hard Rock Stadium is a reburbished Joe Robbie Stadium, how they transformed that old eyesore is a amazing.
    Stock Falling: The Big 10. Ohio State was destroyed, and Penn State was derailed by the long weather delay and a last second FG in East Lansing. That leaves Wisconsin and their poor schedule as the conference's lone hope.
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    Sep 24, 2011
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    As a Big 10 fan there can be no complaints about not being included in the playoffs.
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  8. SoCalJoe

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    Sep 5, 2006
    Walnut, CA
    This could be the week when total chaos insues because the Top 4 ranked teams have their hands full and it's highly doubtful they'll all come out unscathed;

    Top 4:
    #1 Georgia at #10 Auburn. I'm calling the upset on this. Stidham has gotten better every week, and if Auburn can force Georgia and their freshman QB to stop handing off the ball and win the game by throwing it the Tigers can pull it off.

    #2 Alabama at #16 Mississippi State. The Tide's defense isn't rolling, it's limping into Starksville. They've lost some great players on that side of the ball. The Cowbells have looked great (LSU/A&M) and awful (Auburn/UMass). I'll still take Bama, but this could be dangerous if MSU brings their A game.

    #3 Notre Dame at #7 Miami. Don't let the Canes ranking fool you, if they run the table they'll be in. The Irish have simply worn teams down w/old school smash mouth football. Miami played their best game of the season last week. I'll pick the Irish, but only because I'm wearing a green Dublin Ireland T-shirt right now.

    Florida State at #4 Clemson. Should be the easiest of the 4, but perhaps the Noles (w/plenty of talent) can at least put a slice of swiss on their $#it sandwich of a season... Nah, Tigers win going away.

    Playoff Game:
    #6 TCU at #5 Oklahoma. The loser is toast. Will stick w/Mayfield in Norman.

    The Lurkers:
    #20 Iowa at #8 Wisconsin. Whisky with a chance to make a statement. Iowa has to be coming in w/a ton of confidence. It's at Camp-Randall so I'll go w/the Badgers.

    #9 Washington at Stanford (Friday Night); The Huskies are the Pac 12's sole team w/even a chance, but will need to win and get a ton of help. Going w/the Cardinal to put us left coasters out of our misery.

    Other Games
    #12 Michigan State at #13 Ohio State; How are the Buckeyes going to respond after the shellacking they took? I'll say enough to get by Sparty.

    #15 Oklahoma State at #21 Iowa State; The Pokes as usual went belly up vs the Sooners. They have however been excellent on the road so I'll go w/the bounce back in Ames.
  9. MicahMan

    MicahMan Administrator

    Mar 4, 2014
    FSU's season is so bad that I'm not even upset about it. It feels like an alternate universe where FSU football stinks. Any minute now, I'll take the blue pill, send the Enterprise-C back through the spacetime rift, have Superman reverse the Earth's spin, or otherwise restore things to their normal order. Hopefully in time for a bowl selection.
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    Jan 20, 2008
    Alamo City, Texas
    After last night, I guess I should be moving on to Hoops season. My Ags rolled out the ball last night in Germany and dropped #11 WV by 23, without 2 of our starters. Meanwhile, football is limping to the end of the Sumlin era.

    We’ve got another great week of games, so on to the picks...

    Georgia @ Auburn - taking the Dawgs b/c I don’t trust Malzahn in big games. Simple as that.

    Alabama @ Miss State - the last time the Bulldogs beat Bama...2007, Nick Saban’s first year. The teams that have beaten State have shut down their run. The Tide is more than capable of doing that, despite the injuries.

    Notre Dame @ Miami - I said last week that Miami’s luck was due to run out but that VT wasn’t the team to do it. The Irish are. Anyone else tired of hearing about this turnover chain?

    FSU @ Clemson - not sure why this is on here, it won’t be close.

    TCU @ Oklahoma - this is likely the first of 2 games between these 2 with the B12 championship returning this year. I’ll take the Sooners to take game 1 at home (but TCU to likely win the rematch).

    Iowa @ Wisconsin - no games against the top 4 in the east AND Iowa at home? Sheesh. The Badgers are untested but I don’t like Iowa away from Kinnick. This whole B1G west thing feels like dejavu. So I’ll take Wisky to run the table before losing in the championship game.

    Good call on Washington @ Stanford - the Pups’ injuries on offense were just too much to overcome. Plus Love’s ankle looked much improved.

    Michigan St @ Ohio St - Sparty has played everyone close, but the Buckeyes have looked like a different team at the Horseshoe (outside of that first game). I can’t believe the line on this is 17. I like Sparty to cover in a loss.

    Oklahoma St @ Iowa St - since that fluke upset in 11, the Pokes have had the Cyclones’ number more than anyone else in the B12. I like OSU in a shootout.

    We’ve already had the big ranked vs unranked upset. If there’s another I think it comes from either:

    #17 Va Tech @ Ga Tech - the road team has won each of the last four but all have been very close games.

    #19 Wazzu @ Utah - the Utes have been struggling but I don’t have a lot of trust in the Coogs away from home. Besides, with UDub’s loss, this seems like the perfect time to Coog it.

    Joe, I don’t think we can call anyone (outside of the PAC12) toast just yet. I’m convinced this will be the first year we get a 2 loss conference champ in the playoffs.
  11. SoCalJoe

    SoCalJoe Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2006
    Walnut, CA
    Yes. I'm officially tired of the turnover chain! That said The U is crashing the Top 4.

    Bad losses this time of year are playoff killers. Georgia is the one that can recover, but Notre Dame & TCU are indeed toast.
  12. SoCalJoe

    SoCalJoe Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2006
    Walnut, CA
    No where near the slate of huge games of the last 2 weeks;

    FUSA Special;
    Minnesota @encorespanish at #23 Northwestern @tim The Wildcats as usual are exceptionally coached and have won 5 in a row. The Gophers have been inconsistent at best, but a W here or against Wisconsin at home will get the boat rowing in the right direction (or is it chopping wood?). Got to pick NW to make it 6.

    Virginia at #3 Miami; The Hoos are no great shakes, but are respectable. Can never forget these are college kids and it would be natural for Miami to have a letdown after 2 huge wins. The Canes are still the obvious pick, but I can see UVA lingering far later than expected.

    UCLA at #11 USC; A week early for almost all the other rivalries coming up, but it's the battle of LA. Sam Darnold has stopped giving teams the ball (15 td to 3 int last 5 games). The Teddy Bears have to be the worst tackling team (per talent ratio) in the country. The pride factor of a rivlary should help in that regard, so SC wins, but I think Ucla covers the 15.

    Harvard at Yale; If college football is mustard the Ivy League is Grey Poupon ('but of course'), Yale will win their first Ivy title outright in 37 years. I would still love to see the IL champ go to the 1-AA playoffs.

    Game of the Day;
    #24 Michigan at #5 WIsconsin; While I'll still go with the Badgers at home, this has the makings of an upset. Somehow, a 2 loss Jim Harbaugh led MeatChicken is getting next to no respect (in polls or being a double digit dog in this one). Since they've made the switch to Brandon Peters at QB, they've pounded the rock and he hasn't made mistakes. All the pressure is on Whisky to not only win, but win big.

    Upset Alert;
    Tough week to find one, but I'll go w/Wake Forest at home to beat #19 North Carolina State in a mild upset.
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    Jul 26, 2012
    @SoCalJoe it's definitely "Row the Boat" but it's tough to win when you've got guys rowing in different directions. I just hope to cover the spread at @tim 's alma mater.
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