College Basketball 2018-19

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    The college hoops season has begun, and not a moment too soon around these here parts. Although Kentucky is still the best of the local “holy trinity,” Indiana has a chance to make some noise. They won the Romeo Langford sweepstakes. They’ll go as far as he can take them. Chris Mack’s first season in Louisville will be challenging. They’ve got a lot of baggage to overcome, and it could take a while. Duke annihilated UK in Indy, but it’s hard to make much out of that this early. There is still the specter of the ongoing pay for play scandal that, so far, has cost Louisville the most. It’s not over. The recent convictions of the original defendants only means that more are sure to come.
    And the NCAA now has the feds files and will start their own inquiries. It could get very ugly. Lots of vacations of records and post season bans presumably just around the corner.
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