2018-19 UEFA Champions League

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    For the first time since The-Other-Team-In-SW6 won the title in 2012, half the teams in the quarter finals are from the Premier League. Manchester City and Liverpool are the two with the best odds of winning the whole thing according to FiveThirtyEight (https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/can-england-win-the-champions-league/). Meanwhile, there are no German teams left and just one Spanish league team. Sure, Manchester United got through with a bit of luck and Citeh and Tottenham faced struggling teams, but it seems that the Premier League may rightly be able to claim the best league (they never stopped claiming that, it is just a matter if it was right or not!)

    After enjoying Ajax's dismantling of Real Madrid I wouldn't mind seeing them rewarded with a place in the semi-finals regardless of who they face. The only team I really would like to see go out in the quarterfinals is Barcelona just because I always root against Suarez. Quarter final draw is on Friday.

    I had deep concerns about VAR back in the World Cup and that hasn't changed after seeing its impact in the Champions League. I don't think United deserved the handball penalty shot, the Juventus player tripped over his own leg, and the winning Porto penalty kick was for a very soft foul. VAR hasn't fixed anything, it just moves where the debate happens over controversial calls and slows down the game. I won't mind if it never sees regular use in England although I suppose it is inevitable.
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    VAR has worked very well in theBundesliga the last two seasons. If the English follow their lead -- instead of second guessing constantly like they did in the FA Cup last season -- it should work well, and even cut down on diving.

    Watched Liverpool dismantle FC Bayern yesterday. Bad news for us? Mane is even more unstoppable than he was last weekend. Bad news for Dortmund? Bayern has no more European distractions.
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    HD, at least the Dortmund gaffer pulled his head out of his arse and decided to let Pulisic take the splinters out of backside and actually let him play (goal and an assist...shocker) last weekend.

    DVRed the Liverpool match and one thing was quite evident. Bayern looked old and slow (Ribery still starting is baffling), Neuer nowhere close to the GK he was, in fact he was a disaster. Munich will likely win the league, but not because they are anything like they were 3-4 years ago.
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