2017 Summer Transfer Window

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    The next few days will be critical in determining whether or not we will be prohibitive favorites for automatic promotion next season. Joka's already been linked with a number of other jobs, most notably West Ham, who is sputtering to the end of a first disappointing season at the London Stadium under Slaven Bilic. They were awful there Saturday against Liverpool, and they finish at Turf Moor Sunday. If they lose that one, I think they'll sack Bilic. But how reliable are the reports linking him with WHU? Not very, I think, because it reeks of lazy journalism. Both are former Yugoslavs, Joka hailing from what is now Serbia, Bilic from Croatia. I believe that's the ONLY reason there is speculation about him moving there. Ryan Sessegnon turns 17 Thursday and is thus eligible to sign his first professional contract. Will we keep him? I don't know, but if he and the gaffer stay, obviously our chances for promotion increase tremendously. It depends on who the young man is listening to. And that, my friends, is something known only to him. Stay tuned.
    Excepting Martin, I'd love for everybody to stay, but of course, that rarely happens. Without knowing the contract situations off the top of my head, I think we have to keep Cairney, Johansen, Aluko, Kalas, Ream, Malone, Bettinelli and Sessegnon. Fredericks has tremendous pace, but he didn't score a single goal all season.
    McDonald did OK, but could he be replaced by someone better? I don't know. Is Kebano good enough to start next season? Again, I don't know. We haven't really seen enough of him. And then there's the bench. Do we keep Piazon? Odoi? Cyriac? Will Parker retire? Probably. David Button won't be content with being Bettinelli's backup next season, so I believe he will leave.
    Who will stay?
    Who will go?
    Let the games begin.
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    Some background info:

    Players on Loan

    Players Who Would Need a New Contract

    Players on Contract Until 2018

    Players on Contract Until 2019

    Of the players on loan I'm most interested in Kalas. Piazon had a minimal impact, but I have good feelings about his time on the field so I wouldn't object to seeing him return too. Martin is certainly gone and I don't care about Cyriac.

    Parker has most likely wrapped up his career while Sessegnon is just beginning his. I'd love to see Sessegnon stay, however I don't think that is likely. He's a great talent, but we can manage without him.

    As for the rest of the team, because we brought in so many new players last summer it feels like we have relatively few players who's contracts are up. Of course anyone could go, but it seems like the club could keep the vast majority of the team. Players that I'd really like to keep are Aluko, Malone, Bettinelli, Cairney, Johansen and Ream. Madl, Sigurdsson, Button, and Odoi are the ones who I'm least interested in keeping, but I don't think we need to get rid of anyone.

    What I'd like to see added is a forward who can convert PK's, score goals from free kicks, and gel with our pass heavy, ball control offense.

    The key to all of this is if Jokanovic stays or goes. I hope he stays and I'd like to think he wants to continue what he started. But, he clearly wants to manage in the Premier League and if he can get that opportunity without the slog of another season in the Championship he just might go for it.
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    you forgot our guys out on loan. I'd still like to see our two Burton Albion boys come home.

    I agree. Keeping Joka is the key. That's where the front office comes in handy. They have to go with a blank check in one hand and a firm promise of support in the other.
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    All excellent points, gentlemen. First up will probably be Sessegnon. I'm not at all familiar with the rules, but I'm guessing he doesn't HAVE to do anything immediately. Don't think Joka will do anything until Sunday's PL fixtures are over.
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  5. jumpkutz

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Petsos is also a January loaner who goes back to his club now the season has ended. I think he played all of 5 minutes?

    Don is right about the loaners returning. In addition to LVC and Woodrow from Burton, Richard Stearman, Jozabed, & Tunnicliffe come back; plus the randos of yesteryear like Cole, Burgess, Kavanaugh, Grimmer, & Williams.

    Who, if any, of these are on the active roster next season remains to be seen. Assuming Joka stays, we may have a busier summer than expected.
  7. jumpkutz

    jumpkutz Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2011
    Louisville, KY
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    Can't get away from the Sessegnon speculation. I don't even bother to look at the "articles" anymore.

    How often does someone get loaned away for at least half a season and then come back to play a major role? I get the feeling that if you go on loan, you're likely not much more than a bench bound backup plan in the manager's eyes.
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