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    To entertain and inform..In a non-political way, hopey..fully.
    some of you remember my avatar used to be Irwin Corey, who I liked a whole lot even though he was a Lib. His rhetorical logic was stupefying but, while it made you giggle and laugh, the good part of it was it made you think about how he came up with it.
    I may go back to that image, if I can make myself give enuff of a damn.

    so, here's the kickoff:
    Still on Windows XP? Here’s Some Bad Advice
    Bad meaning GOOD in a roundabout way no extra verbage. Best info I have seen so far. Exactly what I'd figured out, cuz I'm running XP on a 7 year old Laptop. If you have a fairly NEW machine running XP and have at least 2 GB ram, you can go to Win7. I Have it on a desktop.. really sorta like it
    Win 8.. is most hated Win since Vista and ME. Seems like a pattern. Advice to go Mac OS is fine too. Just not for me, I may yet install Linux on a machine I can just toss with no regrets.
    Gates Spends Entire First Day Back in Office Trying to Install Windows 8.1
    - Onionesque but.. like that site.. more truth than fiction.

    Neener, neener categories:
    One of my pet rants over time is the 'consensus' on nutrition.. which almost killed me because I trusted 'educated and informed authority' over my own common sense and what my body tried to tell me
    Not even new news for you if you pay attention, but I said it before the Meme Stream media did, their experts were still bashing Atkins.
    NPR: Why We Got Fatter During The Fat-Free Food Boom
    Oh, but wait...Butter is Back{... but..}
    - Of course the author has to launch into the Next New Meme; but there's nothing wrong with 'Eat Less Meat'.
    We know Antibiotic in food is bad.. but I Wonder why he didnt also mention the atrocity of burning food for Fuel?

    Which takes us to one of my earliest non-pol rants {in sense it's not party oriented} 'Bio-Fuels':
    NPR - AP: Environmental impacts of ethanol may outweigh the benefits
    Right.. "MAY.." ! Bull. The actual cost of Ethanol production before subsidy and breaks levels out as equal. Who is it really benefits? Guess.. agribiz!
    And now, after German Biofuel program increased third world slash and burn of forests until the tree huggers noticed... there's this:
    [The bonfire of insanity: Woodland is shipped 3,800 miles and burned in Drax power station. It belches out more CO2 than coal at a huge cost YOU pay for... and all for a cleaner, greener Britain!
    Which if you think of all aspects is hugely entertaining in a 'laugh then cry' way:
    They are taking older growth sequestered carbon, grinding and drying it using cheap US energy, shipping it thousands of miles to burn and send unsequestered carbon {though I dont think that matters all that much] and calling it 'Green' and sustainable.
    - Ever consider that God, Gaia, or nature provided a nice handy 'BioMass' that does a better job?
    And if you're so Progressive that you refuse to read the Daily Mails opinion, then how about the Beeb and reading between the lines
    or the Grauniad:
    Remember the old phrase 'Follow the money'? Bet you anything it goes back to guys like Ed Davey

    And again there is NO SUCH THING as Agricultural or Forestry waste. It can ALL be used better ways than burning it.
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    Welcome back Fog!
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    Peoples Republic of South Texas
    and so say all of me. I'm still with you on the whole stupid idea of putting food in your gas tank.

    Unfortunately, until we take the first presidential beauty show out of Iowa, we're stuck with Ethanol
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