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Discussion in 'FulhamUSA Introductions and Announcements' started by NogoodBoyo, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. NogoodBoyo

    NogoodBoyo New Member

    Jun 28, 2006
    I'm scratching my head tring to figure out how to send a message. It makes my hair hurt - or maybe it's just the language gap.
    Still, if this makes it off my screen, I wanted to congratulate whoever on sourcing the Craven Cottage story. This put the club's website to shame. "It was a dark and stormy night.." is much more interesting than "English Knight" and/or Tales of Leacock!
    I also loved the photo gallery. How weird it is to put faces to mental (appropriate in some cases?) images.
    Keep up the good work - and please send me a bloody tutorial, or at least an idiot's guide to using the site.
  2. Smokin'

    Smokin' Administrator

    Jan 3, 2005
    Machu Picchu
  3. americanmike

    americanmike Administrator

    Dec 30, 2004
    Glad to see you made it over and seeing as you are a Long Island boy, feel free to take a trip out east and meet Smokin in Eastport to give him a slap in the back of the head.

    You'll find a good group of fans here should you ever get a chance to post again! :twisted:
  4. RDG

    RDG Member

    Jan 13, 2005

    Take a number for slapping Smokin'!!!

    :3d smile:

    Nahhh, actually, he is pretty nice, especially after you've beaten him into submission.
  5. NogoodBoyo

    NogoodBoyo New Member

    Jun 28, 2006
    RE: Smokin

    Ah, Smoking - I see you've picked up the art of English rude boy humour. Catching, isn't it.
    Thanks for the welcome - and to which white box were you referring?

    AmMike: Good to hear from you. Sorry about the Ostrich question today. Can of worms?
  6. Bocacrumbs

    Bocacrumbs New Member

    Jun 25, 2006
    RE: Smokin

    Welcome NGB, you gotta love the English rude boy humor, its an art worth perfecting.
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