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    Mar 4, 2014
    Heather and I have been in contact with a representative from Fulham who is trying to help promote international supporters groups. He is reaching out to a number of Fulham supporters in the US and he mentioned a group that I hadn't even been aware of - @FulhamFCUSA on Twitter. Are there other groups out there that you are know of, including more locally targeted groups? My attention is focused here and I'm not a big Twitter user so I'm not in touch with other places for Fulham supporters in the US. The only other group I'm part of is FulhamUSA on Facebook. Let us know if there are other places you go for Fulham supporters.
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    FTID.PNG Since you didn't mention it, there is a (somewhat) new group I've just been accepted by on facebook called Fulham in the South. Terri M., whom I believe is still a member here, is one of the admins for that page. I'm not sure where else they are, but they are definitely here.
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