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    Jan 4, 2005
    We are commonly getting 10 members and 10-20 actual guest readers {opposed to web-bots}, the offal MB has registered 1000 or so.

    But the difference is in content. No doubting that T-F-I is far and away the best resource for info...anything 'insider' is posted there.

    Why is that? I'm thinking it's because of 2 things:

    1. an Insider isnt going to post on any site where he can be traced by FFC.

    2. too many -ahem- planks who really dont grasp enough Fulham and football knowledge to converse intelligently.

    I mean people coming on asking when Bullard is coming back! Really!

    White Witch {obviously with an internal bias} made the point that Dempsey will greatly affect the US interest in Fulham and FFC should take note and advantage by closer links to FulhamUSA.

    But if that were to happen, what about the ability to remain independent?

    It would be great for us to become more of a resource like T-F-I is, but is that possible if we have ties to FFC marketing?

    How can we continue to build slowly and maintain the level of thought on here?
    Once we gain the impetus of growth, will the site become a black-ink entity?
    {The last is rhetorical, I have no stake other than hobby/functionary and dont need one}
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