RIP Pat Summitt & Buddy Ryan

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    We throw the word "Icon" & "Legend" around a little too loosely sometimes, but that's what Pat Summitt is in the world of women's sports and basketball coaching in general. 2 wins shy of 1100 (35 wins for 30 years still leaves you 48 wins short), 8 national titles are impressive enough. Changing the culture and acceptance of women's sports and being at the forefront of the movement puts her on another level. Best statistic: 38 years at Tennessee, every single player earned their degree.

    Going to High School in Chicago during the mid 80's and seeing firsthand the coverage of the Bears during that brief magical time Buddy Ryan was as big as the head coach Mike Ditka. Buddy revolutionized how defense was played. He wasn't just a flash in the pan either, He was the defensive line coach for the '69 Jets that won Super Bowl 3, and was also the DL coach for the 'Purple People Eaters' in Minnesota.
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