one-hour old dream

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    no kidding

    I was drafted into singing at some sort of community function -- three songs none of which I know. Afterwards, I scream at the lady [who in real life is very nice] that she's never to do that to me again. I storm off and run into Wayne Rooney -- in a red shirt. I stop him and tell him that I've enjoyed his play over the last decade or so. He thanks me humbly, and I say that I've followed him since he was a kid at Everton and I know he'll do well wherever he plays next season.

    At this point I notice a young girl -- a foot away from each of us -- and she is looking at Rooney and literally vibrating with desire. My new friend Wayne looks at me and shrugs. I look at the girl and tell him, "It's not you. I'm a pretty big actor and singer around here." Knowing a good exit line when I hear it, I turn and walk away, leaving them to their own devices.
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